Wednesday, 2 May 2007

My state of mind is... NOT VERY HAPPY!

We just bought our flight tickets to Melbourne for 8 July to 15 July. I was very upset that the price went up in just a few days. Paid AUD260 for each way to fly with JetStar. When Li-Ann and I were searching around for prices, it was about AUD240. I also recalled seeing it as AUD200 a few months back. We delayed buying because we thought that there would be some offers coming up.

The price increase is really ridiculous! We tried buying for 2 people but realised that it's AUD10 more per person than buying for individual. So I paid first, but immediately after I paid, the price had gone up by AUD20 already... so Li-Ann had to pay more.

I'm not exactly in the best of moods at the moment. Thinking that I could have saved AUD50 per trip if I had booked much earlier makes me feel VERY agitated.

Currently on study leave until my CA exam next Tuesday. The CA really screwed up this module. With too many errors, they re-issued the candidate learning pack (which is 500 pages long) just few weeks ago when we, the candidates, have read... and referenced through the original copy for the past few months!

The weather has also been flip-flopping. I missed out on my 17k run this morning due to the rain. Intend to run this evening. Hope it clears by then. In the past 30 minutes, it has changed from rain... to clear sky... to rain... to clear sky... and to rain again!

Yeah, did I mention again I'm not in the best of moods?

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