Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Friends and food

I haven't exactly got off the rich eating since I came back from Melbourne.

On Saturday night, I met up with Fadli and Murali... friends from lower secondary. We ate at Fast Eddy's... one of the very few 24 hours cafes in Perth. Murali left for Royal Military College partway through Form 2 and Fadli left for Sekolah Teknik after Form 3.

It was nice catching up with them again. We feel like Lat and his friends in The Town Boy... how he and friends grew up and met up again after so many years. The last time I saw Murali was when we were 18 in college. He's doing his Masters in Accounting in UWA now... also put on a few pounds hahhah. Fadli... I last saw him three years ago when he first came here to study Marketing at Curtin. He's doing his Masters in Marketing, finishing end of this year.

On Monday night, I ate with ex-ISSians (International Student Service of UWA) at Conca's Pizza Cafe. Needless to say with this crazy bunch, we had lots of laughs. Had too much food too. I personally found the food quite tasty... the rest may find it a bit too greasy and cheesy.

Yesterday was Li-Ann's and my 11 months as a couple. Darling needed to de-stress... so we had coffee (I, being a non-coffee person had hot chocolate) and cointreau chocolate cheesecake at Greco's nearby. Really enjoyed it. And to think I wanted to have coffee at Gelare's so that we can have half priced waffles on Tuesdays.

Not too worried about how these night-outs would affect me. My weight seems to revert back after each training session (approximately 61-62kg). Although, the fact that I check it after each meal and training session may be a bit worrying... oh well...

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