Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Free n fun

The previous post highlighted my freedom from my CA exam yesterday. Jessica Simpson and Colin Powell were certainly NOT what I expected. Nicholas Tse actually has the same chinese name as I.

The CA exam was alright. I think because they have stuffed up the module so badly, they made the exam easier than everyone expected. This means most people should be able to pass but it may be harder to get a merit (top 5%).

Tried Domino's meat pie pizza for lunch to celebrate (I consider eating a whole pizza on my own celebrating hahhah). Verdict: NOT NICE. Pies and pizzas just don't go together. It had the pastry of the pie on top. The minced meat and green peas were in between the pastry and the pizza crust. It could be because mine wasn't done properly... as the onions were raw. Otherwise, would taste okay but still a bit weird.

My friend Marc treated us to Spiderman 3 yesterday... La Premiere (something like our Gold Class in Malaysia). The experience was indeed something different... having the lounge outside with free soft drink/coffee and pop corn refills. The seats were BIG... not very intimate for the couples *wink*.

The movie itself was... fun. It was entertaining but a bit predictable ala comic book style. Some parts were a bit draggy. I personally liked the 1st one best. But thanks, Marc! I really enjoyed the movie and I hope you would enjoy your Eye Toy!

Back to work today after 7 day break. This would be hard...


marc said...

ahhaha, u're totally welcome dude! and yesh, this weekend will be eyetoy filled! ahah

and dude, jessica simpson... reeeeow (that's suppose to sound like a cat btw)... ahaha.

anyway, i'm sure u'd still be there up in the top 5%, regardless the exam beaing easy!

anyway, enjoy the freedom for the next month! i know i am! ahahha

-kev- said...

Just one month... not enough! Results out in 5 weeks...