Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Off to Melbourne...

Yeah, it was such a last minute thing. My office wanted to sent 4 people (2 seniors including myself, a manager and a partner) to Melbourne for a conference on superannuation funds (in Malaysia, it's EPF). One person couldn't make it. So I was asked to go, since I do a fair bit of super fund audits. Get to stay two nights at The Westin. Individual rooms.

Knowing me... the first thing I thought about was how this would affect my training... and those sweet stuff they serve at conferences plus the grand dinners and late night drinks. So I checked the hotel website and found under 'activities' there was a runner's map, recommended by Runner's World magazine. The route is 3.8k. Hope I won't be too wasted at night to wake up the next morning for a run (I intend to do the loop twice). The weather is forecasted to rain this week. But it seems warmer than Perth, minimum of 15 degrees while we're having 7 degrees over here!

Okay, leaving for airport in a few minutes time. Just found out I didn't bring enough formal wear as I didn't expect us to have a dinner (I guess I just have to improvise) and I forgotten my phone charger. Hope I can still contact Li-Ann when I arrive back at Perth.

Oh yeah, my high school friend Su En was here for visit. She had a birthday yesterday (another May baby). Sang birthday song with sparklers and an awesome cake by the lake at East Perth condominiums. Have a safe trip back this Thursday, Su En!


Stupe said...

a lil makan won't spoil ur training right...

I've only been to Mel once.
:) and i'm missing just st kilda and all the food!


Jasmine said...

heLLLooOo kev!!!

I didn't know you updated your blog so much (as well as the number of races you joined.. mad laa)

will put your blog in my reading list.. heehee..

have fun in melb.. luv Melb~~~ :)

-kev- said...

Hello all! Stuck in Melbourne airport at the moment, coming back to Perth. Flight got delayed by an hour! Was able to do a bit of training after all, in adition to all the drinking. I think I give my office bad impression because I keep on falling asleep during the talks! Updates to come...