Saturday, 26 May 2007

Teething problems...

I just started my own training log. Check out It's pretty cool. You can also create your own running routes through satellite imaging.

Thanks to Dad for encouraging me to use this log. Thanks to Dr Jamie Pang and Uncle Choi for giving me tips on how to add my training log to my sidebar. And of course, special thanks to my lil' sis for giving me a tuition lesson on html and helping me add the log to my sidebar after all the tips that were given to me... Yes... I'm hopeless with technology.

First week of putting up my log... I had a slow 17km run today (slower compared to my previous weeks). Li-Ann's friend, Jason was having a BBQ birthday celebration at South Perth. Ate lots... was very full... but I know I can't miss out on my ONLY long run for the weekend.

Went slowly for the first 8.5km... stomach was still feeling tight... clocked 41:12.69 (4.51 per km average). 2nd 8.5km... stomach feeling better... clocked 39:59 (4:42 per km average)... overall 1:21.12 (4:47 average per km).

Swimming sessions have also been off at a slow start. The pool management no longer allow me to start early on my own (I have to leave early for work). So I have to wait for the coach to finish with the other kids' gym session to start together with them. Clocking less distance now... used to be at least 3500m... now it's hard to reach even 3000m... but I guess that's just the way it is.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Friends and food

I haven't exactly got off the rich eating since I came back from Melbourne.

On Saturday night, I met up with Fadli and Murali... friends from lower secondary. We ate at Fast Eddy's... one of the very few 24 hours cafes in Perth. Murali left for Royal Military College partway through Form 2 and Fadli left for Sekolah Teknik after Form 3.

It was nice catching up with them again. We feel like Lat and his friends in The Town Boy... how he and friends grew up and met up again after so many years. The last time I saw Murali was when we were 18 in college. He's doing his Masters in Accounting in UWA now... also put on a few pounds hahhah. Fadli... I last saw him three years ago when he first came here to study Marketing at Curtin. He's doing his Masters in Marketing, finishing end of this year.

On Monday night, I ate with ex-ISSians (International Student Service of UWA) at Conca's Pizza Cafe. Needless to say with this crazy bunch, we had lots of laughs. Had too much food too. I personally found the food quite tasty... the rest may find it a bit too greasy and cheesy.

Yesterday was Li-Ann's and my 11 months as a couple. Darling needed to de-stress... so we had coffee (I, being a non-coffee person had hot chocolate) and cointreau chocolate cheesecake at Greco's nearby. Really enjoyed it. And to think I wanted to have coffee at Gelare's so that we can have half priced waffles on Tuesdays.

Not too worried about how these night-outs would affect me. My weight seems to revert back after each training session (approximately 61-62kg). Although, the fact that I check it after each meal and training session may be a bit worrying... oh well...

Saturday, 19 May 2007

La extravaganza... if only to the end...

We left for Melbourne at 1.30pm. Our manager was having a spew on why he was given Economy class rather than Business (he's still going on about until NOW). Apparently, it was a mistake done by the secretary. We think that it was a cutback so that we two seniors could go as well.

Qantas domestic flights are actually quite good. The food served is the same as international flights. We didn't have personal TV screens though. Watched Man of the Year, starring Robin Williams and Christopher Walken. I find it really good. It's about a comedian talk show host who was asked to run for president. It's actually a thriller... but it was also funny because there were lots of stand-up comic type conversations exchanged.

Arrived at The Westin, Melbourne at 8pm. Feast your eyes on my room...

It even had working desk... and they were music playing in the bathroom! The showers come down from the ceiling... I also noticed that throughout my stay, they made up the room a few times a day!
When the concierge came to bring in my luggage, I wasn't sure whether to tip him or not. But he left before I could do so anyway.

Had dinner at Di Mattinas, an Italian restaurant on Lygon Street. Lygon Street is actually full of Italian eat-outs with a few French, Indian, Thai, Lebanese and Chinese. Too bad it was raining... otherwise I would have enjoyed the walk.

We had drinks at a pub called Transport at Federation Square after that. Quite nice... but we noticed that the crowd started getting bigger as we were about leave, which was around midnight. They were dressed in business suits too! Don't these people need to work the next day?

Woke up the next morning for a run around the botanical gardens. I stuffed up the runners' map recommended by the hotel. But I had a good run anyway. Did 4 rounds, clocked about 46 minutes in total. It was along the Yarra River and the Rod Laver Arena was close by too.

Had buffet breakfast with manager and partner. I just love the idea of charging everything from our stay to the corporate credit card!

The course after that was unsurprisingly a write-off... could barely stay awake. Hope I wasn't giving too bad an impression to the other KPMG offices.

We had dinner organized for us at the Meat and Wine Co on Southbank, the other side of the Yarra River. I find the steak really good but service was a bit slow. Maybe it was meant for us to socialize. Here was where everyone started letting their hair down. It was funny to see some high-up people like Directors and Partners getting so drunk and talking incoherently.

A few of us kicked on after that... we went to the Crown casino. It's quite big, but I personally like the Sydney one better. Had some beer and someone treated everyone Yega-bombs (Red Bull and a shot of Yegameister). I was quite tired already, I walked back to the hotel while the rest stayed. Apparently, they went to some gentlemen's club.

Had my 5 hours of sleep... and woke up for a morning swim... it was a 2 lane pool, distance was slightly less than 25m. I swam for about an hour.

Had buffet breakfast again (thanks to the corporate card :P) Could see those who were out last night, staggering in... trying to get something to eat in the last minute before the course starts.

No prizes for anyone who could guess how attentive I was on the second course session. Some of it are actually quite useful. But some bits I find are more relevant for managers and above. As they were talking about strategizing for the superannuation services we provide moving forward. Can't see myself giving much contribution there.

We left for the Melbourne airport at 4.15pm. It was there we were told that our flight would be delayed for about an hour. Good thing our manager and partner were both Qantas club members... they can bring a guest each into the lounge. So I propped up my laptop on wireless... patronized the free drinks and hot food.

It was from here when hell broke loose... upon arriving on our delayed boarding time, we were told that the enginneers wereworking on the delay caused by hydrolic leakage and the flight would be delayed another 30 minutes.

And it kept snowballing after that... every 30 minutes, we would get an announcement that the flight would be delayed even more. We were getting hungry... the shops in the airport were all closed, the lounge stopped serving hot food. We eventually got onto the plane at 10.35pm (original departure was 7.30pm). On the plane, there was a further delay because someone drank too much during his wait... was asked to leave the plane and his luggage had to be taken off. We took off at 11.30pm.

We had personal TV screens this time and could choose our movies. I watched Stranger Than Fiction starring Will Ferrel and Emma Thompson. It was about a regimented tax agent who suddenly found out that his life is being narrated and his narrator was about to kill him. I liked this movie too.

We arrived at Perth airport at 12.30am (Perth time) but was further delayed due to bad weather. Finally landed at 1am. I got home at 2am and crazily enough I went for a run the next morning.

I so need to sleep right now...

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Off to Melbourne...

Yeah, it was such a last minute thing. My office wanted to sent 4 people (2 seniors including myself, a manager and a partner) to Melbourne for a conference on superannuation funds (in Malaysia, it's EPF). One person couldn't make it. So I was asked to go, since I do a fair bit of super fund audits. Get to stay two nights at The Westin. Individual rooms.

Knowing me... the first thing I thought about was how this would affect my training... and those sweet stuff they serve at conferences plus the grand dinners and late night drinks. So I checked the hotel website and found under 'activities' there was a runner's map, recommended by Runner's World magazine. The route is 3.8k. Hope I won't be too wasted at night to wake up the next morning for a run (I intend to do the loop twice). The weather is forecasted to rain this week. But it seems warmer than Perth, minimum of 15 degrees while we're having 7 degrees over here!

Okay, leaving for airport in a few minutes time. Just found out I didn't bring enough formal wear as I didn't expect us to have a dinner (I guess I just have to improvise) and I forgotten my phone charger. Hope I can still contact Li-Ann when I arrive back at Perth.

Oh yeah, my high school friend Su En was here for visit. She had a birthday yesterday (another May baby). Sang birthday song with sparklers and an awesome cake by the lake at East Perth condominiums. Have a safe trip back this Thursday, Su En!

Saturday, 12 May 2007


Quote Mel Gibson in Braveheart... Yesterday marks my lil' sis 21st birthday. They say that on your 21st birthday, you receive the golden key to freedom. I can't exactly speak for myself because my own 21st wasn't very extragavant compared to my other birthdays.

Anyway, here's to wishing my Ms Metro/Powergal sister a very happy birthday and may you find the freedom that you have DESPERATELY been looking for =P

My powerbar supplier

Keith's sister figure and brother figure as well (she plays it quite well... hmm) while I'm away in Perth

Taking on my hand-me-downs (i.e. the bike)

My partner-in-crime during big dinners

But now so ai-swee already... won't even take a picture with a silly pose

Wish I was there too...

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Free n fun

The previous post highlighted my freedom from my CA exam yesterday. Jessica Simpson and Colin Powell were certainly NOT what I expected. Nicholas Tse actually has the same chinese name as I.

The CA exam was alright. I think because they have stuffed up the module so badly, they made the exam easier than everyone expected. This means most people should be able to pass but it may be harder to get a merit (top 5%).

Tried Domino's meat pie pizza for lunch to celebrate (I consider eating a whole pizza on my own celebrating hahhah). Verdict: NOT NICE. Pies and pizzas just don't go together. It had the pastry of the pie on top. The minced meat and green peas were in between the pastry and the pizza crust. It could be because mine wasn't done properly... as the onions were raw. Otherwise, would taste okay but still a bit weird.

My friend Marc treated us to Spiderman 3 yesterday... La Premiere (something like our Gold Class in Malaysia). The experience was indeed something different... having the lounge outside with free soft drink/coffee and pop corn refills. The seats were BIG... not very intimate for the couples *wink*.

The movie itself was... fun. It was entertaining but a bit predictable ala comic book style. Some parts were a bit draggy. I personally liked the 1st one best. But thanks, Marc! I really enjoyed the movie and I hope you would enjoy your Eye Toy!

Back to work today after 7 day break. This would be hard...

Monday, 7 May 2007

It's Keith day, whether you like it or not!

That's just my lame attempt for trying make my brother's 13th birthday sounding as cool as possible. Yeah, I have to accept it... I'm OLD. No longer hip or in the scene anymore. Anyway, here's to wishing my younger brother a very happy birthday and welcome to the teenage years... actually I have left my teens so long time ago, I can't remember what's it like anymore. So I don't have much words of wisdom to pass on, hahhah.

When they were still cute and adorable...

The prefect boy...

They grow up so fast...Then...


Don't you think he's like a MINI-me?

Two and a half men...

Friday, 4 May 2007

Let's paint the town red!

I tend to get bored quite often during study breaks. My study plan is to do one chapter per day. So after finishing one chapter, I don't move on to the others even though I have free time. Call me rigid, but I'd like to think that I'm giving my brain time to absorb =P
Anyway, I decided to take a drive to look at some tri-suits that I've been wanting to get. My current one is still fairly new, but it's starting to loosen. I've been eyeing this red one by 2xu. Was a bit sceptical about the pockets... thought they might add more drag. But the colour was just TO DIE FOR... it matches my bike. And I guess, the pockets would come in handy when (or if) I attempt a Half Ironman next year.
My first stop was BikeForce Subiaco. It's not my usual store but decided to have a look. My usual store, TotalTriathlon mentioned they were only having sales after the Busselton Half Ironman, which was this weekend.
BikeForce was selling garments for 50% off! But there weren't any of my S sizes left. There was one S size, which is the 2xu elite suit that was going for AUD100 but it was black... so boring. It wouldn't be half as bad if it was blue. Should have visited this store so much earlier.
So I went to next shop nearby, Sports Fever, which had plenty of sizes left but they were going for only 25% off.
I crossed my fingers and sped all the way to TotalTriathlon, hoping that their sales were on and there were sizes left. The store owner mentioned that their sales would only start on Monday. I saw that my red suit in S size going for AUD140 was the only one left... I told him my concerns about it being taken by someone else.
And the nice guy said he'll give me the discount there and then. So I got it for AUD99. It is the same price as the elite one in BikeForce but with a colour like that... I can't complain.




Camwhoring with RED bike and RED helmet

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

My state of mind is... NOT VERY HAPPY!

We just bought our flight tickets to Melbourne for 8 July to 15 July. I was very upset that the price went up in just a few days. Paid AUD260 for each way to fly with JetStar. When Li-Ann and I were searching around for prices, it was about AUD240. I also recalled seeing it as AUD200 a few months back. We delayed buying because we thought that there would be some offers coming up.

The price increase is really ridiculous! We tried buying for 2 people but realised that it's AUD10 more per person than buying for individual. So I paid first, but immediately after I paid, the price had gone up by AUD20 already... so Li-Ann had to pay more.

I'm not exactly in the best of moods at the moment. Thinking that I could have saved AUD50 per trip if I had booked much earlier makes me feel VERY agitated.

Currently on study leave until my CA exam next Tuesday. The CA really screwed up this module. With too many errors, they re-issued the candidate learning pack (which is 500 pages long) just few weeks ago when we, the candidates, have read... and referenced through the original copy for the past few months!

The weather has also been flip-flopping. I missed out on my 17k run this morning due to the rain. Intend to run this evening. Hope it clears by then. In the past 30 minutes, it has changed from rain... to clear sky... to rain... to clear sky... and to rain again!

Yeah, did I mention again I'm not in the best of moods?