Sunday, 28 January 2007


Weekends have become a bore. My next CA module doesn't start until a month's time, Li-Ann's not around, I have read 3 quarters of Azizi Ali's "How to become a Property Millionaire" (I intend to survive mainly on passive rental income or maybe with a job like gym instructor or swim coach so that I can spend most of the time training. Hey, we all can dream right?).

Anyway, apart from the 4 hour gym session this morning, and an hour of recovery ZZzzzz after lunch, I have nothing else to do.

Started blog surfing (or stalking, if you like) and have come across some interesting posts by fellow (till date, I don't think I have achieved my target of getting readers who share my interest. My marketing consultant a.k.a. lil' sis was supposed to help me promote, but no news since. I'm not a whiner anyway hehheh. She does have a lot going on... take home exams, busy social life dillemas :P) triathletes and runners.

Came across an idea for a new post. My feet.

They aren't exactly the best things for running as they're flat (and I mean REALLY flat). I have full footprints (and I mean REALLY whole). Ideal for swimmers, but near suicidal for runners. Flat feet runners, or pronators are 67% more prone to injuries (I just made that statistic up, but have you got evidence to prove otherwise?).

My annual running injuries, be it knee pains, shin pains, heel pains etc. could be due to this fact alone. Podiatrists and shoe consultants recommend certain shoes to absorb the impact that are more prevalent for people like me. These shoes however, not only costs more but are 1.5 times heavier than the average running shoes... not exactly your optimal race gear. Also, in my case specifically, since my feet are SO flat, I'm strongly recommended to wear orthotics. There you go, more money to lose, more weight to add.

Two running shoes ago, I wore a pair of Brooks Beast... the heavy monsters, weighed at 900 grams in total! I still suffered a foot injury that year. Recommended for my type of feet, MY FOOT! (no pun intended)

Last year, my runners were Mizuno Wave Mustang 3. Not the type of shoes the experts would recommend for my deformity but it looked good, and there was a sale on, 50% discount! It was different as the inner sole had an arch compared to the Brooks which were totally flat. Now, the irony is, according to experts, for pronators, their shoes should have an artificial arch for that extra support (sounds like I'm promoting some sports bra... *cheeky laugh*).

Anyway, the result... no injuries caused by normal running... apart from a trip off the ground that caused a swollen ankle, but that's one-off. Maybe it's the shoes... but it could be because I'm only running 3 times a week with the Mizuno compared to the 5 times a week with the Brooks.

My current babies, Mizuno Wave Mustang 4. Yeah, decided to stick with what I know worked. And it was 50% off too! My sis says they look like Bata Power shoes.
Already looking forward to getting my next pair. My shoes life cycle is approximately one year.
My Mizuno Wave Mustang 3 after one year. Running shoes for last year... now demoted to social shoe and gym usage.My Nike Presto after 2 years. Bought them for quick transition but ended up using them for social use. Notice they all wear out around the same areas (outer front).

Saw a review for a pair of Asics shoes specially for triathletes. They were at 60% off! Although they are just downright ugly. Click on the link, and you'll know what I mean.
Apparently, 60% of the triathletes in Australia use Asics. Wonder if I should follow the herd or stick to Mizuno that has served me well.

City of Perth OD Tri in 7 days...

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Oz, Oz, Oz... Oi, Oi, Oi!

For those of you wondering what the above is about... it is the chant Australians yell when they feel patriotic... be it at a cricket game... or after a few cans of Victoria Bitter (local beer).

Anyway, yeah... yesterday was Australia Day (I think it is the day that Australia got its independence). And we heard the chant numerous times, from drunk blokes, high teenage girls etc.

This is my second Australia Day. The previous few years, I was still studying and never got to celebrate because I was on summer holidays then (working already = no more long holidays :( ). This year there are quite a few of my friends from uni have started working already, so they're in the same boat as I am.

I offered to have a "pre-Australia Day fireworks" house party at my place. A party at my place seems long overdue for as I have known these people for years and they have never seen my place before(due to the a certain ex-housemate that made my house unaccomodating. It's a lot better now with the new housemate :) ).

Anyway, yours truly had not cooked for the last 2 years, so having a pot luck house party for 8 was kind of stressful (and for those who know me well, stress was never in my vocabulary). Here's my attempt of fried rice (turned out soggy) and tuna croissants (turned out a bit too crispy... could fall apart any minute).

Sure looks nice on picture eh? But we had lots of fun. So I guess the party was a success. Again, I didn't take any pictures of the other food my friends brought (lamb, potato salad, kong poh chicken, ice cream) and any pictures of us for that matter. Yeah, not a fan of the camera.

We adjourned to Matilda Bay after dinner (I live by the river bay, cool huh) for fireworks display at 9pm. There were lots of other Australians just sitting around, drunk blokes, screeching teenage girls, family and old people... with their fold-open chairs. Fireworks lasted about 30 minutes. This time, I DID try taking a video of the display but it wasn't clear, so stuff that. After the display, everyone (being the Australians) went home. So different from the way we celebrate Merdeka back home where they'll be concerts and 1 hour traffic jam travel back after that. That's why, we being Malaysians (and one Singaporean) still needed some nightlife after that, and headed to Northbridge near the city for some desperately needed ice kacang. Hot day yesterday, 41 degrees!

So that's my Australia Day for this year. A lot better than last year, I would say... when I spent it watching Smallville in my room.

I'm hungry... somehow eating heaps the night before, makes me more hungry in the morning. Need sleep too, still had my morning swim session at 5.45am after a big night yesterday.

City of Perth OD Tri in 8 days...

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Run happy

Did another sub 4:18 average for my 8.5k run this morning. Pretty happy, but somehow the memory of my 4:11 PB still keeps haunting me, questioning when I'll ever be able to do it again... or whether I'll ever be able to do it AT ALL. I clocked that PB when I was training for City To Surf run, this run has eluded me every year due to injuries most likely caused by over-running. But last year, everything was going so well, I was in good form, I ran in moderation... BUT on the Wednesday morning run before the Sunday race day, I tripped a step and sprained my ankle. Couldn't walk for days.

That's a sad thing about injuries. Not only they floor you physically but mentally as well. I laid off running two years ago due to foot pains and put on 12 kgs as I never got back into running. "Haiya, what's the use of running? Run so slow now compared to last time. Sure won't get back form wan!" are evil thoughts. Good thing I had high motivation and support last year to keep me going through the recovery until now. Started with 4:45 averages and now back to sub 4:20s.

City of Perth OD Tri in 11 days... BRING IT ON!

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Gingko pills, anyone?

Aiyak, I have forgotten about my girlfriend's and my 7th month anniversary, the day was yesterday. Yeah, I know to long maintaining couples out there, this may seem trivial. What's another month and you have been together for several years? But Li-Ann and I don't celebrate every month on a big scale either. We just wish each other, if you call that celebrating at all. Anyway here's to wishing my beloved Li-Ann happy 7 months anniversary (although technically "anniversary" means an annual event, but who wants to be technical when it comes to this sort of things). These 7 months have been sweetest months of my life... and I'll keep the mushyness of these blog, hehheh.

Back to my memory lapse... I have reminded myself about this from days following up to THE day, but right on the day itself, I forget. I'm not to brag, but I'm for one who was able to remember most things without having to keep a personal diary. Maybe working in the office has gotten into me, beginning to become too dependant on Microsoft Outlook reminders, like how our spelling gets stuff up by relying on spellcheck. Anyway, darling also forgot. So, I didn't have to take a guilt trip. Or maybe she just pretended to forget, so that I won't feel bad. Whatever, the case, I'm so lucky to have her!

Li-Ann said that putting up more pictures on my blog would attract more readers. So here are some, in chronological order (hey, it has been 7 months of bliss right? So why not celebrate?)

Monday, 22 January 2007

Domestic issues...

Wow, I'm outdoing myself. Having two posts on the day I started my blog. Not to mention the previous one was painfully long (I just realised it!). Hopefully, I don't get burnt out.

New housemate (who shifted into my house since early December 2006. I have been staying in the same place since I came here in 2003) mentioned that today he's inviting his friend over for dinner. Asked me wheter I mind. A bit of background on my new housemate, he's bashfully nice, very afraid to offend people (or is it just me?). He has been cooking meals for the both of us since the beginning of this year. And when I asked him if he'd like me to pay for my share of the groceries, he said it's okay, since I'm paying for my share of the gas and only he's been doing the cooking. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Anyway, his friend didn't turn up. We waited (well, he waited, I was busy setting up this blog) and then decided to have the yong tau foo (his specialty!) to ourselves. Poor guy... nice guys finish last, some people say. Then again, he was good natured about it. Quote, "More food for us." unquote. Again back to my theory, that good attitude towards life = good life!


After having visited several blogs during my free time, namely, sister's, girlfriend's, close friends', not-so-close friends', I have been greatly influenced to start one of my own. Also because I was bored lah. Hopefully this stays and I would be able to commit to this.

Anyway, story of my life, a senior accountant working in KPMG Perth for the 3rd year running. Nope, I don't have a permanent establishment here in Perth. But certain crossroads in my life have brought me here ... and I can't say that I can complain at all.

Life has been good to me, most if not all have been falling into place. This may sound show-off or anti-religious to some, but I believe that a person's outcome in life is mostly affected by his/her attitude. I mean, put it this way, when you generally have a good outlook on things, most things won't bother you, and you would generally have good life all the way, ala my blog title. BUT don't get me wrong, I am thankful to God for life so far. I attribute all the good things that have happened to me to him. Confused? Let me put this in a different analogy, if your friend bakes you a cake, which isn't too bad but not too great either, and you criticize him/her like mad... you can say goodbye to cakes! But if you kept an open mind, thought how nice your friend was, there would be more cakes to come, and with more practice, the cakes would taste better in time to come. Okay, enough nonsense already. Otherwise this new blog of mine would remain unvisited.

My interests (and obsession)... triathlon. Which was another reason why I decided to start this blog anyway. After reading numerous race reports from sis, sis's friends, sis's acquantances, sis's stalkers :P I kind of feel left out, not having to share my side of the story too. Former school swimmer in my teens (not good enough to get pass state level :P) , took up running as endurance came naturally with the arduous swimming training. Still suck at the bike though, but slowly improving. My weekly routine consist of Monday, Wednesday, Friday =8.5k run; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday =swim session with UWA squad, averaging 3.5k per session; and Sunday =4 hours in the gym, comprising of weight classes and bike spinning. Yeah, some triathlete I am... I can't even get myself out in the windy weather of Perth riding on a REAL bike.

Here's the most yeng picture I can find. Sorry, it is a bit small (I'm shy). Originally plan to load it onto my profile, but after several failed attempts and having deleted my blog numerous times (I thought I had to delete my blog to reset my profile. IT whiz, I'm not!), the only place I could put it up is here. Yup, feedback from experienced bloggers most welcomed!

So here's to a new year, new blog and hopefully it would be around for quite some time. Did I mention I have difficulties committing to anything long term (apart from my wonderful relationship with my girlfriend. Hehheh, don't worry, hon)? That's why I don't play computer games that involves strategy. Only like those fight-fight ones that give you cheap thrills. Then again, can't remember the last time I played a computer game.