Friday, 4 May 2007

Let's paint the town red!

I tend to get bored quite often during study breaks. My study plan is to do one chapter per day. So after finishing one chapter, I don't move on to the others even though I have free time. Call me rigid, but I'd like to think that I'm giving my brain time to absorb =P
Anyway, I decided to take a drive to look at some tri-suits that I've been wanting to get. My current one is still fairly new, but it's starting to loosen. I've been eyeing this red one by 2xu. Was a bit sceptical about the pockets... thought they might add more drag. But the colour was just TO DIE FOR... it matches my bike. And I guess, the pockets would come in handy when (or if) I attempt a Half Ironman next year.
My first stop was BikeForce Subiaco. It's not my usual store but decided to have a look. My usual store, TotalTriathlon mentioned they were only having sales after the Busselton Half Ironman, which was this weekend.
BikeForce was selling garments for 50% off! But there weren't any of my S sizes left. There was one S size, which is the 2xu elite suit that was going for AUD100 but it was black... so boring. It wouldn't be half as bad if it was blue. Should have visited this store so much earlier.
So I went to next shop nearby, Sports Fever, which had plenty of sizes left but they were going for only 25% off.
I crossed my fingers and sped all the way to TotalTriathlon, hoping that their sales were on and there were sizes left. The store owner mentioned that their sales would only start on Monday. I saw that my red suit in S size going for AUD140 was the only one left... I told him my concerns about it being taken by someone else.
And the nice guy said he'll give me the discount there and then. So I got it for AUD99. It is the same price as the elite one in BikeForce but with a colour like that... I can't complain.




Camwhoring with RED bike and RED helmet


Marc said...

Hey kevin! marc here! never knew u blogged! ahaha. got it from kiez. man, u're such a bargain hunter (literally!) ahaha. good buy, and dude, that red suit really doesn't leave much to the imagination huh! ahahah. jokes. hopefully the red colour also distracts other riders eh! ahahha

Eric said... kinda speechless. The colour is good, and definitely a eye turner i think, but its really first time, seing a close friend wearing thoose suits, kinda...hahah..funny. XD

-kev- said...

Hahhah thanks, guys. Really means a lot to have such words of encouragement! Eric, what do you mean by 'funny'?

Lai Li Kuan said...

eh i study exactly like your style. Plan the quota for the day and when I'm done, never go beyond that. hahahaha.

C-CUBE said...

kev, wah you look like Ultraman minus the Mask. Try the Ultraman famous "Hand crossover" to form the T-shape and take a photo of urself. anyway you look great in the suit.

-kev- said...

Li Kuan, that's called sticking to the plan mah.

C-Cube, hope Ultraman can do triathlons better than he fights monsters. How was your trip to Wutaishan?

Lai Li Kuan said...

i tot its more like pemalas style ;P

Gd luck for tmr!

bola2api said...

wah.. matching bike n suit! u bought your bike there too?

-kev- said...

Yup, bought it for AUD600. The aerobars are from Malaysia for Rm120. Not very glamour but its been serving me well.