Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Yes, Ah Rui was sold today.

To the new owner of this bike, I wish you all the best and may it bring as much joy to you as it did to me.

On another note, fellow Ironman Yip (but much crazier than I am when it comes to extreme endurance sports) highlighted a good point, which made me ponder.

I should start cycling to work. In my previous workplace, we needed to carry laptops and we had to pay a significant sum for bicycle parking bays (imagine that!) in our building. But at my new workplace now, I can actually place the bike in my office, as I have my own room. I'll just check with the CEO first, to see if it's okay.

The spring weather is starting to show... no more wet and windy. And my new workplace is only 10km away. I have no excuse.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Eventful long weekend

Yup, we have a long weekend - Queen's Birthday. And we're the only state in Australia to celebrate it at the end of September, and not in June like in every other state. But then again, we're also the only state that doesn't have daylight savings and late night shopping either... but that's a discussion not meant for today, hehheh.

The weekend has been eventful as the title says... I had a pretty good brick workout on Saturday morning. 80km ride in 28.5kph average, followed by a 6km run in 25:59 (under 4:20 per km average :D). Then in the afternoon, our friend, Natasha invited us for Hari Raya open house. The food was superb! Laksa, rendang, nasi minyak, pulut kuning, satay... Thanks Tasha, and our compliments to the chef - your sister too!

On Sunday morning, I brought Eric for another short brick - 20km ride 4km run. I have been brainwashing Eric to start triathlons. He just got himself a new bike the day before. Glad to say the workout yesterday was motivating for him, and did not scar him for life!

In the afternoon, darling and I went to the Perth Royal Show. Li-Ann has been here 6 years and had never been to the show. Likewise, I've been to it a couple of times but with different groups of friends, so going with my girlfriend was a new experience.

There were lots of people there. The weather was fine too, pretty sunny. And us, both being very frugal beings, this time, I spent the least of all my three visits there! Only A$10 for a lamb shank and A$5 for ice cream :)

But today, the weather is back to its wet and windy self again. And with a day off work, I'm not sure what else I can do if I can't do a workout outdoors. Hope it improves this afternoon.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Not sure why I suddenly thought of this cartoon... maybe it's because of the constant e-mail queries I've been getting from the auditors lately - so typically last minute.

Anyway, anyone remembered this lovable superhero?

One of my favourite cartoons from MetroVision channel (now known as 8TV). I remembered dad getting the VHF aerial specifically for MetroVision. They were very clever showing us still clips of their upcoming programs, keeping us waiting in anticipation in the weeks running up to their official launch.

Another cartoon which I never missed out on was Reboot.

One of the pioneers of 3D animation, if I'm not mistaken.

Now, I wonder what happened to these cartoons?

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Finally, brick... well, sort of...

Thank you all, for the encouraging responses to my last post. It seems that we do triathlons for many different reasons, but the common thing we share is... we keep on doing it :)

Here's to wishing all my Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri... and non-Muslim friends back home, happy holidays! Drive safely. There isn't much of a festive season here in Perth, not even a holiday. But I'm looking forward to my friend Natasha's open house next Saturday :D

Li-Ann's dad is here visiting for the weekend. But I'm lucky enough that I'm still able to clock in some weekend warrior training. Which is even more essential, when we're eating out every night, stuffing ourselves with luxurious food... need to burn those excess calories!

The weather is getting slightly better. Less rain, less windy. Managed to do 81.49km ride yesterday in 2:50.10 (average 28.7kph). Was planning to do a 6km brick run after, but the skies poured on me in the last 5 minutes of my ride, leaving me with very soaked gear and a dirty bike to clean.

Hence, this morning's spin session on my indoor trainer, followed by a run after. I must say, despite doing triathlons for so long, I REALLY dislike sweating indoors. If it's one thing that will make me cut short my spinning session, it's the discomfort of sweating... not so much the boredom.

Anyway, I made it through the 30 minutes I planned for, and the 6km run after wasn't too bad - 26:14 (average 4:22 per km). Maybe it will be a totally different story if I was running the same distance after an 80km ride. We'll find out next week...

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


As I found it difficult waking up for my run this morning, despite the fine weather... I sometimes ask myself, why do I keep on doing this?

Why would I spend thousands of dollars in equipment, gear and race entry fees with very little to almost no pecuniary returns?

And here's where I look up the following article again, an article I read a couple of months ago. Taken from here.


I am going to be frank with you.

In return, I ask you to be frank with me.

I have been in the triathlon world, teaching triathlon classes and clinics, coaching triathletes from all ages and abilities, eating and selling triathlon nutrition products and doing triathlons myself for more than five years, so I’ve asked (literally) thousands of endurance athletes about why they do this sport.

So my radar is fully dialed in to sniff out any “cookie-cutter” answers. Be completely honest. Ready?

What motivates you to do triathlons?

Why in the world do you bother riding your bike for 2 or 3 or 4 hours? Why would any person bother going to a pool and swimming back and forth in the middle of the day?

If you said anything to the extent of “improve my blood pressure,” “relieve stress,” or “set a good example,” I’m not buying it. I call these logical motivators. There is nothing wrong with those motivators and I agree they are excellent benefits – but let’s get real. I asked you to be frank with me. You don’t swim, bike and run multiple hours a week for the sole purpose of improving your health profile.

You do triathlons for emotional and irrational wants and fears.

You do triathlons so you can prove something to yourself. What is your worth? Do you have what it takes? Can you conquer your personal Mt. Everest? Can you show everybody who was better at you in sports growing up that you’re just as good, maybe better?

You do triathlons to prove something to other people. I really am that good, that fit, that motivated, that focused. If my neighbor did it, I can do. I’m better than them. I’ll beat them this year.

You do triathlons because you did just one, this one time, and then you got sucked into the vortex and you had to keep coming back and trying to beat your performance from the previous year. In other words, you want to prove to yourself that your body is getting better, not worse.

You do triathlons because all your friends are doing it and who will provide your social support if it’s not the triathlon club?

You do triathlons because running is boring and you don’t have that kind of attention span.

Dare I say, some of you do triathlons because you want to look good naked?

What are some types of irrational and emotional motivators for triathlon? Here are some examples:

Being able to wear your Ironman or triathlon race t-shirt in public to impress people.
Wanting to be able to eat whatever you want, but not having the control, so finding a sport where working out too much is OK.
Being able to fit into whatever style of clothes you wish.
Having nice legs and feeling confident when you put on spandex.
Telling people at parties that you’re an athlete, maybe even an Ironman.
Comments like, “You’re really slim. Do you workout?”
Not dying early so you can travel with your grandchildren.
Having an honorable excuse for not doing yardwork on the weekends because of your “training”.

Contrast these with logical motivators for doing triathlon:

Improve your health.
Less stress.
Good role model.
Balanced lifestyle.
Clothes fit better.
More energy.

You see the difference? Sure, the irrational wants (compared to fears) are conceited and superficial. I get it. But guess which individual gets better results? The person motivated by irrational motivators or logical motivators? Irrational, hands down every time. The secret to achieving success in these type of sports is to figure out the true WHY – which is some always an irrational desire, fear or want.

Here’s how to figure out your irrational want:
1. Ask yourself, “Why do I do triathlons?” If you said, “To feel better…” then ask the same question to your answer.
2. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to feel better?” If you said, “To be more productive at work…” then ask the same question to your answer.
3. Ask yourself again, “Why do I want to be more productive…” So that I get a job promotion and earn a bigger salary. Continue the pattern…
4. “Why do I want to get a bigger salary?” So that I can provide for my child’s education so they can have a future.

Notice how your reason for swimming, biking and running went from a very logical to emotional fear and want the more you asked why? The more honest you are with yourself, the faster you’ll get to your true reason why you work out.

Your “why” will be the difference between success and failure. This is a topic rarely discussed in the triathlon world and can create unstoppable motivation by uncovering the truth about yourself. There is no right or wrong answer. I only ask that you be honest with yourself. Now it’s your turn.

I want you to ask yourself, “Why do I really do triathlons?” until you discover your irrational and emotional want or fear. You might be very surprised to discover the real reason and what you really want. This exercise might take you a few minutes.

After taking a few moments to ponder, I don't think I have a conclusive answer. Triathlon has become such a major part of my life, that I can no longer question it. I supposed it comes down to the satisfaction/joy/euphoria that I get... be it after a 10km training run or at the completion of a big race.

It can't be described.

And that's why I keep on TRIing.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

This weekend

I got myself an indoor trainer from a guy on the TriWa forum, for $70. It's not branded, Cyclops (an imitation of Cycle-ops?) and it's pretty basic but it serves it's function.

Although winter has just ended, the stubborn, stormy weather conditions seems to refuse to go away. I might find this gadget pretty useful after all. Also, if I'm hardworking enough, I might include regular, quick spinning sessions in my training regime, in front of the TV hehheh.

Having said that, today the skies cleared up a bit and I was able to ride outdoors. Was tracking pretty well until the last 10km, when I had a sudden bout of fatigue. There were some headwind on the journey out and I was hoping for some tailwind on the way back. But unfortunately, the wind changed directions and in my tired state, I was in no mood to fight the wind.

Completed a total of 80.62km in 2:51:22 (average 28.2kph). I even called off doing a 6km brick run after. Maybe I was feeling the after effects of the 10km run late yesterday evening (which I was pretty happy with - 42:39 in windy conditions with gusts up to 40kph!)

Hope I feel stronger next week. By the way, Sofian, this aero position picture is for you.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The auditors are here!

Yes... and having a naive looking, freckled face kid asking me these questions of why certain numbers don't add up (as they should be according to his uni texbooks, but NOT always in the real world!) gives me the temptation to respond like the above cartoon.

But it seemed like yesterday, when I was in his shoes. So, I try to help out as much as I can. A bit time consuming, but things are starting to settle down. Which is why I have time to write this post.

Thursday, 3 September 2009


*Edited for pictures from Eric, thanks!*

*Race photos from official photo website*

Okay, so I mentioned that I will do a write-up on last Sunday's City to Surf run. Actually I don't have much to report on my actual race itself... it's a 12km run, and I wasn't spefically training for it.

But this would be my first run here in Perth, taking part with darling and a few of my SLB friends, who are slowly (but surely) joining in this craze as well. So we'll see how much I can right, okay?

The usual format... start at Perth City, and finish at City Beach. This year promised a turnout of almost 40,000 participants and it didn't disappoint, just falling slightly short at 38,800. Also, the marathon distance is a new exciting addition.

Because of the marathon, most of the roads getting into the city were closed. Li-Ann and I took the train in, which were packed choc-a-block! We arrived at the city at 8.15am for the 9am start.
On the way to the start line, we coincidentally met Ben Swee from Singapore, who was running the marathon since 7am that morning, coming through the halfway mark. Ben went on to finish in an awesome time of 3:06:50!

We met up with our friends at the Esplanade Park. This year, we are required to gather at the park, rather than at the start line on St Georges Terrace, supposedly to ease the congestion. And we would be starting in waves according to seeded times.

I bade the rest good luck and went off to place our bags at the clothing transport vans, then heading off to my designated gathering area. The runners in my seeded wave were already walking to the start line, so I didn't have time to do my ritual stretches.

I was plodding along with the other runners in my wave to the start line, then I saw everyone started racing through the start... oh, it has already started. I thought each wave would be getting their own gun starts. The only ones who did were the runners starting at the fastest category. Hmm, I don't like this new start format.

The criss-crossing ensued amongst the large crowd. There were some walkers who started in my wave as well. I was keen to find out how much I was delayed by this at the first km mark, but sad to say, organizers decided to get rid of all the km markers this year... another thing I didn't like.

The criss-crossing continued nearly throughout the whole race, which is expected with such a massive turnout. Uncertain as to how I was progressing throughout the race, I could only estimate. The only signage that I saw was the 20km mark for the half marathon runners, which means another 1.1km to go. At that time, my watch was showing 46 minutes, which means it would be tough to beat my last year's time of 50:24.

I crossed the finish line just under 51 minutes. I do like the new finishing area though. It gives the runners a lot of space to remove their timing chips and do their stretches.

After collecting my finisher medal and some fruit with drink, I took a short walk around the corporate tents before heading to the finish line, to wait for the rest to finish.

Unfortunately, I was able to see everybody finish BUT Li-Ann. And all those times that Li-Ann had been cheering for me relentlessly at my races. I must have missed her, maybe she was running too fast :P

Finally after reuniting with her, we then had a chat with some of my former colleagues at the KPMG tent. After gathering everyone in our group (and savaging the remaining Gatorade bottles and fruits from our UWA tent), we queued up (a very long one!) for the shuttle service back to the city... where we had our rewarding dim sum lunch (thank's to Eric's mum!)

Fun run, great company... looking forward to more of these to make my triathlete life a little bit more enjoyable. Yes, I'm spreading the cult! Hahhah.