Saturday, 28 April 2007

Tri hi

I just blitzed my 17k run this morning! 1:16.49, average of 4:31 per km! And waking up from only 6 hours sleep from a late night too... I'm just stoked! I shouldn't be going so fast if these were my preparations for Perth marathon. But if I can improve on my times, things should be looking good, right?

Just came across this year's Langkawi Ironman videos on SwimBikeRunMalaysia. Can't help feeling inspired. I never actually thought I would do an Ironman. I plan to do a half Ironman next year, either in Perth around May or if timing is right, head home and do the one in Desaru in around August/September. Target at the moment is 6 hours (30 minutes swim, 3.5 hours bike, 2 hours run).

But these things tend to be addictive (for me anyway) and make me crave more. Langkawi Ironman 2009.... doesn't seem like a dream anymore... I intend to make it a reality!

Hmm... I supposed I should take one thing at a time. First, survive this July's Perth marathon. Then the half Ironman next year. And it would also mean I have to do a lot more cycling (yuck!). Or would I be able to cheat my way through with my 45 minute sessions of spinning in the gym? We'll see...

On another note, Li-Ann's parents are here for visit. We had Chinese dinner yesterday at Northbridge and ice cream later at South Perth. I hope I made a good impression. Although this isn't the first time I have met them, I can't help feeling nervous.

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