Saturday, 10 February 2007

Father figure

Here's to wishing my dad a very happy 52nd birthday!

My dad... who ran a full marathon, 42.2km with minimal training. Both my sis and I have yet to do the marathon despite the intensive training we put it.

My dad... who was able to come home from work at 5.30pm, always there to have dinner at home with us... while other children barely see their fathers because they work so late.

My dad... who taught us the importance of keeping healthy, no matter how busy we are. Quote, "Are you busier than the Prime Minister? Because even he has time to exercise."

My dad... who fetched us home from house parties at past mid night when we were too young to drive and never complained even though he isn't much of a late night person.

My dad... who together with my mum have raised me to the person I am, and brought to the place I'm in.

Thank you, dad!

52? Don't you think he looks 25? Hehheh.


C-CUBE said...

Kev, yes your dad dont look like a 52yr old father of 3 wonderkids!!!!. I met him once when he drove Ren and Keith to a group gathering at one of our trekking frens house (it was 2 weeks after our Mt Kinabalu climb) I always get ur sis to get him to run another 21k or 42k with me, but he feels that 10k is the most comfortable for him now... I hope he will change his mind and take on the challenge again.

-kev- said...

Eh, he beat my sis in 15k before. But yalah, most of the time he take part in runs also because follow my sis. Running is more like to keep fit for him lah.

C-CUBE said...

kev, yes I think it was during last year Pacesetters 15k run....probably not now!!!!!

galnexdor said...

eh i was SICK...

but yea...a race is a race...and the official results can never lie...dadd beat me in that race fair n square...