Sunday, 30 March 2008

A point to prove

*Edit* For pictures from official photo website

19th Annual Skilled Corporate Teams Triathlon... at Bather's Beach, Fremantle... Last year, when was I left out of the Corporate team (all 3 legs per person) and was asked to do the Tri-it team (one leg each) instead... I couldn't help feeling a bit sidelined.

So this year, I was pretty hard up to EITHER finish quickest from KPMG OR come in within a creditable time, which is my target of 38 minutes.

Race distance was 250m swim, 10km bike and 2.5km run. Daylight savings ended on Sunday morning... so I got an additional hour's sleep despite having to check in our bikes at 6.20am.

Darling was SO NICE to accompany me. My colleagues were a bit envious as they had to listen to the briefing in the cold 16 degrees, just clad in our KPMG tri suits... while I had my warm jumpers with me, so I can pass them to Li-Ann before the start.

Exchanged a few chats with Graeme (one of our division partners), Ben (Tax manager who borrowed my bike for this race), Glen (my toughest rival from Tax), Julie (from Corporate Finance who organized our teams, uniforms and post race brekkie. Thanks, Jules!) and many others.

Aiyak... I missed out on this picture... must have been in the toilet...

The water was cold but warmer in comparison to being on dry land. I positioned myself at the front to get a good start. But I reckoned I started too quickly as I found my legs tiring after that. There was a bit of drag in the KPMG suit as well. I saw Glen passed me just right after we started. His surf lifesaving skills gave him an advantage.

The run out of the water was about 500m. My legs were still a bit slow... couldn't run very fast. Swim time was 4.30 for 250m... 45 seconds off target. Must have slowed down while wading through the shallow waters.

Glen coming out of the water strong

Me struggling to run out from the water

Darling snapped this COOL pic of me coming in!

T1 was a bit of a nightmare. I had always practised pushing the bike on the left but somehow I ended up pushing it out on the right. Mounted the bike awkwardly. And the bike shoes somehow got strapped closed before I could slip my feet in. Took me almost 1.5 minutes before I started pedaling. Total T1 time was 2:44.

But the ride was good. There were 3 laps of 3.3kms, making 10kms in total. I saw Glen riding not too far away at the 1st turnaround point. Managed to catch him before the end of the 1st lap. Li-Ann was cheering me at the end of each lap.

Me potong sayur a guy on mountain bike

Darling's photography has improved... hehheh...

My adrenalines were running high... my apologies to those whom I YELLED at to keep left while I overtook them. It was much better this year, as I was in the first starting wave. Last year, I started later and the bike course was JUST TOO crowded.

Bike time 20:25 for 10.25km, average 29.8kph (haiya, under 30kph!)

T2 was less catastrophic. Was able to slip out of my bike shoes without much difficulty. But had some problems fitting into running shoes. My socks were not worn properly, so they were getting in the way. Yes, yes I know. ONLY 2.5km run, DON'T NEED to wear socks. Won't get blisters... But also don't want to dirty my race shoes mah...

I saw Glen coming in shortly after I did. I was a bit worried that he'd catch me in the run.

Jelly legs feeling after the bike were slight... but no tightening of quads. There was a part where we had to run through the gates at the old train tracks. THAT required a bit of ZIG-ZAG manoeuvering. I clocked slightly over 6 minutes at the turnaround point. But the lap coming back was more straightforward... hopefully I could still make it under 11 minutes.

Glen was coming to the turnaround point about 200m away from me. I should be able to finish before him. I then saw Graeme and shortly later, Ben.

There was a small part where we had to run on the sand. Didn't quite like that. A guy was in front of me right about 100m before the finish... I SPED through, OVERTOOK him and finished in 11:03... giving overall time of 38:42! Didn't quite meet my target of sub 38 minutes but was first from KPMG nonetheless. But I heard Glen had a knee surgery recently. Well, maybe an EVEN showdown next year...

Me trying to lift my arms up and stop my watch at the same time

We hung around and chatted a bit. Had muffins and fruit at the KPMG tent. Also waited for the Tri-it teams to finish as they started much later than us. Was pretty happy when everyone commented on how quick I went... felt like a SUPERSTAR... hehheh.

Li-Ann and myself waited for the prize presentations, to collect ANY prizes on KPMG's behalf. Everyone else had left. I had a good feeling that we could win a prize. The prizes were just wine glasses... that's why every year, KPMG doesn't bother waiting for them.

But it turned out that ONLY our Tri-it Veteran Males won a prize for 3rd place. Oh well... looks like Corporate teams are just too competitive.

Sole representative remaining from KPMG

Looking forward to a PB at next week's Point Walter Olympic Distance triathlon.


Saiful Kodi said...

nice bike! did u have any problem with your back pain? im just asking

kev said...

Thank you very much! Wah you can see how nice the bike from the small pic?

Why my aero position a bit weird ah? No back pains. Only sometimes neck pain when doing long rides.

galnexdor said...

hey kor...congrats again...:)

quite nice right got support crew? hahah i also dont have ler...

kev said...

Hehheh thanks. Haiya don't put Dennis through so much torture lah. Wait there 5 hours for you :P

You have lots of race friends to support you what.

C-CUBE said...

kev, wah u really kick ass!!!! keep it up.

kev said...

Heheh thanks Uncle Choi.

Nolah, there were still about 30 people ahead of me. But overall quite happy too.