Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter crab

The FOUR day Easter weekend had ended. Back to work tomorrow.

Few highlights... on Friday, had a delicious pan mee lunch at Eric and Renee's. Oops... and also Brendan's now as he's their new housemate. I really love pan mee... it's one of the many things I can't find over here.

This was followed by a crabbing trip to Mandurah... about 50 minutes south from Perth. We had our dinner there and started crabbing at about 8.30pm. But the crabs only started coming out after 9pm. Started off a bit slow... but by 11pm, we caught about 20 crabs altogether! Thanks to Eric and Nicholas (Brendan's brother) good spotting.

Some PROUD camwhoring with our catch...

Eric and Renee

Nick and Brendan

Us, looking TIRED

It took about an hour for the crab to be boiled and cooked. So by the time it was ready to eat, it was past 1am. Thanks peeps for doing this... I was asleep throughout!

The reward... yummm...

Then on Monday morning, we attended Jasmine's baptism at Matilda Bay followed by a delicious brunch at Dome Cafe nearby.

Oh... and I did a sub 42 minute 10k for the first time ever this morning! 41:57.71! Yippee!

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