Sunday, 9 March 2008

B-R-I-C-K solo

My gym membership expired about more than a week ago. I decided not to renew it. Thought that I needed more REAL cycling practice (and not spinning on the gym bikes). Also, as body toning is not any of the three legs in triathlons, I guess I can give the weights a bit of rest. Besides, I can always use the gym at the swim pool for FREE after my swim session.

I realised that I'm still very prone to getting leg cramps during the run leg after the bike in races. Need to train up the legs to get used to running after a bike ride. So I thought... why not make my Sunday (which used to be my gym day) a B-R-I-C-K day!

The plan was to do an approximately 60km bike ride followed by a 6km run. And I'm glad to say that after doing it for about 4 occasions now, my times are dropping! Well... it also got to do with the fact that I'm getting more familiar with the route... so I get lost less (even until now, I still miss a turn or TWO!) Been able to clock from 24kph to 25kph and now, 27kph average for the bike (a bit slower than race pace lah because cycling on bike paths and also less motivation when cycling alone) and from 4:25 per km to 4:22 per km and now, 4:17 per km average for the run.

Also, lately my usual 10km runs are done under 43 minutes (4:17 per km average), WOOHOO! Yes, half ironman training is going swell... and I haven't scheduled in a weekly 20km run yet. That would have to wait after all the sprint and Olympic distance races. Wouldn't want to slow down on my speed, would I?

I tried following a bike shop group ride with TBE about 2 weeks ago. I was of the impression that they do about 30kph average for a 50km ride... so, a pace that I can keep up with. BUT, obviously the website hasn't been updated as 15km into the ride, these guys were clocking about 40kph and they didn't seem like they were slowing down! I was left behind alone and had to slowly find my way back. Plus, they didn't really seem like a friendly bunch... so I guess I'll stick to my solo rides. Sigh, the cultural barrier between the Australians and us, Asians is something I have yet to break through.


The results from yesterday's general elections back home are out! (And I don't get to vote because I'm overseas!)

Our ruling government party has only won a SHOCKING simple majority of just over 1/2 of the parliamentary seats and not 2/3 as how it has been for the past decades. Looks like the rakyat have voiced their dissatisfaction of the government and it is time to change!

But with losing key states to the opposition parties, including my own hometown, Selangor... I ponder if the opposition is actually ready to take on this task.

This is going to be interesting...

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