Saturday, 1 March 2008

Ironman high...

It's a long weekend. We have Monday off... Labour Day. Only for Western Australia... don't ask me why... our state always wants to be different from others.

Have the whole weekend planned out... clubbing tonight... beach tomorrow... and a delayed Chinese New Year dinner with SLBs on Monday.

Was meant to go to the beach last weekend but my swimwear got stolen... so no more mood already. In the end we just went to see the sunset.

I just left them in the car to come into the house to get something... barely 1 minute! Lost my new TYR swim trunks, my old pair of training goggles (I lost a newer pair at the waves when I was with my sister and her friends at Swanbourne beach... so now I only have my racing pair left!) and the Asics bag which was given to me as a prize for winning my age group during last year's Perth Marathon.

Well done to all those who did the Langkawi Ironman last weekend. Stupe, Azwar, Ray, Saiful, Abu, Major K, May Senn, Shazly, Ishsal, Bacin, Ariff, Simon, Chee, Edwin, Sofian, Meng, David, Iwata, Carmen, Fiona, Don, Ah Thiam, Mr Ngae... and many others. Sorry I cannot go on mentioning everybody, but you all know who you are. You may not know me, but I read your blogs regularly. Truly an inspiration...

Check out this video too...

Which is all fueling my motivation... really looking forward to the Busselton HALF Ironman in May (have to start out with half first lah...).

I got myself a 2nd hand Ironman Instinct wetsuit (the brand only Ironman... doesn't mean have to do FULL ironman) for AUD150. Got to know about it from the Triathlon WA forum. The lady actually started off with AUD170 on her post, but she then said, she accepted all offers. I didn't want to ask for too low lah... she was quite nice. Besides, brand new would have cost AUD299. So to get it 50% off is pretty good... and it was in good condition too.

I really need the wetsuit to brave the 19 degrees water of Busselton. But it's too warm to test it out now. If it's cold enough during the Point Walter OD Triathlon in April, I may try it out then.

Training has been pretty good, motivation levels are high. Hmm... maybe Langkawi 2009 (or 2010) is not so far fetched after all... but one thing at a time first lah ya... ;)

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