Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Corporate teams triathlon... corporate teams politics

Race format is 250m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k run at Bather's Beach, Fremantle... 20km from Perth on 25th March. Corporate team members do the whole 3 legs, starting together with their times combined. Tri-it team members do a leg each. Was looking forward to this race, although the short distance is not really my preference, but it's a good opportunity to mingle with colleagues outside work and also show off my "skills" a bit.

I was the second fastest finisher from my firm last year, clocking 40 minutes while the first was 35 minutes. The first guy is away on secondment and I was looking forward to being the fastest finisher this time and going below 40 minutes (possibly 37 minutes with my tri-suit).

BUT... I was just told that there were no spare corporate teams so I have to do the tri-it teams instead. I would be doing the both swim AND the bike legs, teaming with one of the audit partners... also named Kevin from South African (no, he's not black). I have nothing against him. I don't even know him well enough. But I have checked the results for a running event our firm joined last year (which I registered but didn't turn up due to THE injury). He did 57 minutes for 12km. Not bad actually. Hehheh.

But I'm quite disappointed because I can't do the whole thing by myself (yes, I'm selfish)... considering that I do better at the run leg compared to the bike.

I have just taken a look the teams list. I'm not sure what's the reason behind me being left out from the full distance list.

Maybe the person wanted to give others a chance to do it since I did it last year.

Maybe the person assumed that I was slower than the others just because I'm Asian.

Maybe the person gave her closer friends priority as most of the people chosen were in her division.

Well, I won't be a sour grape. I'll do my best for the swim and bike. I have another OD the week after anyway. So it could be a blessing in disguise.


Liang Fu Han said...

eh seriously damn depressing la... aigh, anyway! im linking my blog to yours!

bola2api said...

at least ur company has a slot for triathlon.. my company only does the popular sports like futsal, netball, badminton..

-kev- said...

Fu han: Linked my blog to yours also.

Bola2api: Hello! I'm so happy my blog slowly getting some readers from the triathlete gang. Hehheh, different country lah, here triathlon crazy! All the best for KLIM! A Famosa after that?

bola2api said...

I might have to skip KLIM. At the mo, I've teamed up with frens for relay. Still thinking about the sprint though.. if I can fix my swimming in time :)

-kev- said...

2 weeks more... plenty of time! 400m only... you can do it! So which leg you doing for the relay?

bola2api said...

the cycling bit.. hopefully the route is OK