Friday, 6 April 2007

Long holiday... long run...

Today is the first day of our 4 day weekend for Easter (nyeh nyeh nyeh, you people in Malaysia hahhah). But would most likely spend it studying for the last unit of my CA module. It's 140 pages long (the earlier ones averaged about 100 pages) and the solutions to the activities are 87 pages (earlier ones were about 50). Haih... there goes my weekend. But would try to go out. Li-Ann actually suggested watching a movie... chances like this don't come often. She's not a big fan of movies.

Today is also the first day of my marathon training. Wednesday run didn't count because I did my usual 8.5km. And I wanted to slow down my pace but ended up clocking 37:13.97, which is about a sub 4:23 average.

Anyway, the plan was to do the 8.5km distance... TWICE. I started running at about 6.30am. Should have started earlier. The sun is already up at this time here. I still feel the slight poking sensation around my knees during my first 200m of warm up from my doorstep to my starting point. Picked up the pace a bit... the pain slowly went away. First lap (2.0km) was 9:30.32, way slower than my usual of 8:30s... but I want to get into marathon pace, so this is actually quite fast. 2nd lap (2.25km) had a bit of tail wind, clocked 10:47.00.

Coming back... had to face head wind... 10:58.39 for 2.25km. Legs feeling okay, but starting to feel bored. Don't know if I can keep this up every week. As I intend to do my usual 8.5km 3 times a week during weekday mornings and try to slot in the double distance on weekend evening... yeah I'm still contemplating whether to skip my usual weekend morning swim and gym sessions and get the run out of the way in the morning. But the thought of having already paid the fees makes me decide not to skip.

Last lap of round 1 (2.0km) was 9:17.74. Round 1 total was 40:33.45. I think after that, started becoming impatient. Because went faster and faster. The hot sun not helping either. Also could be I'm always challenging myself, wanted to do the whole thing under 1 hours and 21 minutes.

Round 2 - 9:07.50 (2.0km), 10:32.00 (2.25km), 10:38.99 (2.25km) and 8:51.28 (2.0km). Total time for 2 rounds 1:19.43... 17km, that's 4:41 per km! That's even faster than my race pace when I did my last half marathon (1:40.45, 4:47 per km).

Hmm... I think I still need to slow down... maybe the Ipod my friends got me for my birthday last October would come in handy now. But somehow the thought of having it all covered with sweat freaks me out....

Not a big fan of Paula Radcliffe but look at the way she runs! Both feet are airborne!

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