Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Running woes

Having severely flat feet (and I mean REALLY flat), fellow runners can tell that I am VERY prone to injuries. Here's my 'injury history' (well... as far as I can remember, anyway...)

2004 Knee injury. Sharp pain when start running but goes off after running a while. Soon took a toll on me when I couldn't bear the pain anymore. Was put out of action for almost a month.

2005 Foot injury. Coupled with my difficulty of adapting my training schedule to work (just started work this year) . I stopped running COMPLETELY. Gained 10kgs. Good thing had a few 'motivation runs' with sis during holidays and was able to get back into action the following year.

2006 Ankle injury. Was in superb form (still unable to get back to this form) but tripped and sprained ankle. Floored for about 3 weeks. Luckily, spirits were still motivated (and Li-Ann helped a lot too!). Kept going after that.

THIS year... I have been suffering the same knee pains similar to those 3 years ago, but at least I don't limp when I walk. But for the past few days, I have been plagued by fatigue and exhaustion. Could be due to my over ambitious plans of doing long 17k runs 3 times in four days during the weekend before (Easter break mah, must use the opportunity!).

My first 2 long runs were good (too fast for my belief, actually). 1:19.43 (average 4:41 per km) and 1:18.37 (average 4:37 per km). 3rd one was unplanned... wanted to do usual fast 8.5k but legs were too tight... so went for slow long run. 1:21.20 (average 4:47 per km).

My recent long run last Sunday was a torture. I clocked 41:11.01 for the first 8.5k. Thought I would be able to pick up the pace for the 2nd 8.5k. But exhaustion and head wind got the better of me. I really slowed down to a jogging pace. I also suffered stitches towards the last 5 kms.2nd 8.5k was 45:34, total time 1:26.35, average 5:06 per km. After the run, I just felt like lying down to sleep. Self motivations was a bit shaken but my target pace for the marathon is about 5 to 5:30 per km... so still within range.

Monday's run... intended to be a quick 8.5k run, I clocked 40:44.92, average 4:48 per km. I normally do about 37 minutes. It was at this point, where I was questioning my direction and my motivation was deeply threatened.

It wasn't that I was feeling any severe leg pains (although the slight knee pains are still present) or muscle tightness. I was just feeling... TIRED.

Li-Ann persuaded me to rest the following day. I intended to do some spinning in the gym. Hats off to her... because skipping training due to reasons apart from illness or injury... just doesn't happen for me. I have this compulsion of not being able to swallow my meals if I did not do any training that day. I also check the weighing scales after every workout to see how much weight I lost. So no training... means NOTHING lost!

Anyway, I'm glad I took a day off training. This morning's run, 8.5k, 37:03.73, average 4:22 per km. Maybe I just shouldn't worry too much. Running about 4 times a week... I'm bound to have some ups and downs. And IT IS OKAY TO REST when one is tired.

Perth Marathon... be ready to be completed in sub 4 hours!


Stupe said...

get those arch supporters la...mine arch too high, also injury prone.

-kev- said...

I have arch supporters... but for my work shoes. Hahhah, I'm very difficult lah, buy running shoes also don wanna buy those extra arch ones, cos heavy. So can say I don wanna add extra weight to my running shoes either.