Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Housekeeping and DVD players

Over the past weekend and today (because it's a public holiday, ANZAC Day - something like our Hari Pahlawan) we have been cleaning our house, getting it ready for our bimonthly rental inspection, which is tomorrow. Current flatmate is a lot better than the previous one. He did the kitchen, the bathroom and also the windows in the lounge. Now everything is sparkling clean. When he saw me mopping the floors, him being so pai seh offered to do the carpets too. But I insisted on doing it lah... I only spent about 20 minutes mopping!

On another note, I collected my accolade from work yesterday... a Sony DVP NC66k DVD player. Yeah, a lot of people had been getting accolades lately but not myself, I just thought I wasn't making enough of an impact. Anyway, I had a few to choose from... Nokia 6070 mobile phone, LG home theatre system, Ipod speakers, BBQ set, outdoor heater, spa treatment, 24 months magazine subscription and one night's hotel stay.

I didn't need a new phone and I reckon my Sony Ericsson K800i beats the Nokia hands down anyway. My TV is too small to fit a home theatre system. I hardly listen to my Ipod (sorry guys, I'm just not comfortable having it while I run, and I sleep in my bus rides to work anyway. I'll keep it for long journeys like my planned trip to Melbourne in July). I hardly have social functions at my house, so getting the BBQ set and outdoor heater would be pointless. The spa treatment would be more useful if it was more related to sports recovery. The magazine subscription catered mostly for women's fashion and business news. The hotel stay was in Perth city which is where I work most of the time... didn't really appeal to me.

So I chose the DVD player... but heard that expensive players like Sony might not play 'cheap' DVDs (yes, unfortunately I'm one of the many contributors to the 'unconventional movie distribution' industry). And this one is worth AUD199 (it's actually the cheapest among the above options). It can load up to 5 discs and comes with karaoke functions.

Anyway, just tested it.... and it plays! Li-Ann's collection of VCDs and DVDs won't go to waste after all...

My small TV with make-shift TV shelf and new DVD player


galnexdor said...

told u! :P

-kev- said...

Yes yes my lil' sis very clever. Can you share some more wisdom? How come my paragraphs sometimes okay, sometimes seemed so crammed. How to adjust?

Mircea said...

Keep up the good work.

kev said...

Thank you!