Sunday, 1 April 2007


That's one word to describe the Point Walter OD Triathlon.

Woke up at 5am as rego starts at 6am and we are only given race numbers on race day. And I haven't been to the place before so I didn't want to risk getting lost. Had about 7 1/2 hours sleep. I normally give myself full 8 hours pre race, but the swimming championships on tv ended at about 9.30pm.

The place is actually quite nice, by the Swan River... the drive along the way was through some nice big houses.

I just realised that I wasn't given a swim cap with my race number. Hmm.... I normally bring my own swim cap just in case, but not this time. Well, have to swim without cap then, that's what I do at training anyway.

Checked in my bike, did my usual stretches, eat Powerbar.

The swim start were at 3 different points for 3 different races, FUN, SPRINT and OLYMPIC. I couldn't hear the briefing, so I wasn't sure where was my start. Anyway, that got sorted soon enough. It was a wetsuit swim... meaning the water is COLD! Yours truly doesn't have a wetsuit. Good thing I found my swim start soon enough and was able to do some warm ups. But I got cold again while waiting to be flagged off. The organizer was trying to describe the swim route right before the start. Swim straight... 1st left turn... then left again, then right, another right... WHAT? I'm just used to swimming out and back. Why must it be so confusing?

7.15am swim start... good thing there were a lot of people swimming around my pace. I could see a few jellyfish, tried my best to avoid... but accidentally touched some of them too... turns out these ones don't sting.

Swim was pretty good... not sure what time I posted though.

Now did I mentioned the transition was on a hill above the foreshore? Yes, not only it was an uphill run, it was far from the water too. I was still freezing from the cold water... I fumbled with putting on socks... should have placed my shoes facing me, rather than facing my bike. Oh well... I also took about 3 attempts clicking on the race belt. Yeah, BAD transition...

Out on the 2 lap bike ride... still cold from the swim... when the wind blew, I struggled a bit handling the bike. The route was nice and scenic, along the foreshore... for a leisure ride, NOT for a race. There were some steep hills, which I hammered my knees and quads pedalling off my seat. I decided to write off my target of doing sub 2:30 overall. The bike route was even more confusing than the swim. There were several roundabouts we had to go through. There were marshalls but they were controlling car traffic, so they can't exactly direct us the way. Good thing there were people in front of me again. There were some instances that there were cars stopping at the roundabouts and we had to circle around them. 1st lap back, I was surprised that I posted under 40 minutes. I later realised that it's slightly shorter than 20km. Slightly disappointed that it wasn't the true distance but with there were hills and LONG transition. So give and take lah. Second lap was easier as I was more familiar with the route. Posted 1:19.05 for 38.66km, 29.3 kph.

Out on the 4 lap run... I'm happy to say that jelly legs are slowly becoming less of a problem for me. As usual, there were a lot of people in front of me. They always overtake me at my poor cycling. But I turn the tables on them with the run. It was quite shady too, so the heat from Perth sun didn't really get to us. I skipped the first few drink stations. I saw Rio running on the way back... well he's obviously a much better triathlete than I am. The time I beat him at City of Perth must be when he suffered bad cramps.

1st lap 10:53.19. Sub 11! I couldn't believe it... with this pace I can actually a sub 44 minute 10k run. I'm starting to think that it's shorter than the actual distance too... can't help feeling a bit disappointed.

2nd lap 10:41.18. Confidence level building up... but soon enough, knees start getting tight. Must be due the hill climbs during the bike. Slowed down my pace... as much as I want to finish quick, I want to complete the race even more. 3rd lap 11:02.20. I still have the allowance from the first two laps to do sub 44. Drank water from the last few drink stations. I noticed that the tightness around my knees went away temporarily after each time I take water.

Last lap... they HAD to add in another hill right before the finish. Lap time 11:35.47. Total run time 44:12.04. Well, at least now I'm more convinced that the run distance is 10km.

Guess what? My lucky stars got myself another spot prize... there were goggles, T-shirts, towels, bike pants. I chose an Ironman cap. Don't know why. I don't wear caps when I run. And I ain't no Ironman... I didn't choose the goggles because I use prescription goggles. Now thinking back, my sister could actually use a pair of goggles... fancy an Ironman cap, sis?

Now still waiting for results. Clinging on to hope of doing sub 2:30. Even bigger hopes of doing a PB. The girl who used to swim with us, now doing Triathlon posted 2:31. She did 2:29 in City of Perth when I did 2:28. Does this mean I would do 2:30?

Knees and quads hurt like hell now. Just downed a bottle of Powerbar Endurance sports drink, thanks to sis.

That's my last triathlon for the season. Rest one day tomorrow, swimming the day after. Marathon training starts on Wednesday... IF legs recover soon.


galnexdor said...

haha maybe its time to try running without socks...:)

its actually not too bad...ive done it before...=)

-kev- said...

Nolah... I rather spend the extra time putting on socks than to agonise throughout the race with blisters.

bola2api said...

well done kev! ur timing is good too.. which marathon are u planning to join?

-kev- said...

Thanks! Hahhah Perth Marathon in July. And then on the same day I plan to fly to Melbourne for one week holiday. Hope my legs can still walk then. Today after my 17k training, kaki like want to patah already.

bola2api said...

hey.. did Afamosa already. saw ur Karen during my bike.. she potong me n I cannot kejar dia lah.. stuck behind her like 5 mins before she pasang turbo n left me hehe..

-kev- said...

Hahhah, I think if you wait for another 5 minutes, you would have seen her getting a flat tyre. Well done for your A Famosa race. Next one no more relay ya...