Wednesday, 28 March 2007


This man is a genius. There were four world records broken yesterday at the FINA World Swimming Championships held at Melbourne, but my hat goes off to this man. When everyone thought Ian Thorpe's 1:44.06 world record mark for 200m freestyle would be on for quite some time... this American lad lowered the mark by .20 seconds being the first man to go below 1:44. And Michael Phelps just made it looked so easy, his strokes were immaculate, no white water splash. How do you like that? The first major swim meet since Thorpe's retirement... and there goes his world record. The poor guy must be feeling really uneasy at the spectators seat.

Watching Phelps swim and the world records tumble yesterday at the Susie O' Neill pool, I can somehow relate to the emotions and jubilation that goes through these swimmers when they are literally 'top of the world'. They have done the IMPOSSIBLE.

I myself have never broken any records... only my own personal ones. Going into this Sunday's Point Walter OD triathlon, achieving another PB seems almost impossible. The conditions for my last OD race was almost perfect and I was also in more than perfect form. I now have a slight weird feeling on my right knee and left ankle that goes away after running a while but comes back after I finish running.

I clocked 36:06.64 for my 8.5km run this morning, sub 4:15 average. My second fastest time EVER. That was with 6 hours sleep too. With this sort of results, I TOO want to do the IMPOSSIBLE. I want to break my OWN 'world record'.

Point Walter OD tri in 4 days... BRING IT ON!

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