Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Status unquo

It has already been 4 nights that I've spent sleeping in the new house in Balcatta. And I can't deny, that I'm still getting used to the change. After all, it has been almost 7 years that I've lived in the old place near UWA, my first and only place, been staying there since I was a student.

It takes slightly longer to get to work now. I now reach my office at about 9am. As I drop darling off at UWA, do my 10km run, shower and then drive to work. I haven't tried running in the new housing area.

As for my evening swims at UWA, which ends at 7.30pm, by the time I drive home and have a shower, it is already 8.15pm when I have my dinner. The day passes by a lot quicker with all the travelling.

But I'm confident that I'll adapt to the change and soon find myself very at home. Also, looking forward to sharing the same roof with Li-Ann :)

But before that, Li-Ann's family would be coming for a visit this weekend. We'll be staying two nights in Marmalade Lodge, Margaret River. I'll try to squeeze in a bike ride before we leave for the trip and probably a 19.5km run (yes, I've looked up a route there) in one of the mornings.


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Talk about a hardcore triathlete.
Never leave a chance to squeeze any training, even during a vacation.

K3vski said...

Have to lah, Nik. I missed out last week because we were moving house. Then the week before, I did a race but only 30km ride. Need to maintain the mileage - Ironman Langkawi only 3 months away!

Jasmine said...

nice nice!!

bila housewarming?? =)

K3vski said...

Soon soon... will let you know! :)