Monday, 9 November 2009

Syiok... enjoy!

As you can see, I had a FANTASTIC weekend!

Saturday morning started off with a practice swim at Sorrento Beach with Eric to prepare him for his first sprint triathlon this weekend. We didn't venture too far and swam mostly laps of 20-25m. Swam about 12 minutes.

Then, we met up with the rest of our SLB gang for breakfast at Wild Fig. It was Natasha's treat, she graduating from her Chartered Accountants course, thanks and congrats Tasha! The menu was really interesting, the drinks as well. We were too full, otherwise would have tried the awesome looking desserts.

In the afternoon, I had a leisure 16km bike ride with Eric and his girlfriend, Renee. Renee bought a brand new bike that late morning - Amiata Modena, with Tiagra groupset. Hehheh the cult is spreading!

Then, I did a 10km jog with darling, pretty reasonable pace - finished in 66 minutes as darling started sprinting at the end when it began to drizzle.

Sunday morning, I did my usual 80km ride. Weather was pretty calm this time, managed to clock 29kph average in my training session with this bike for the first time! But I was too bugged to do a brick run after, hence I just practised some fly mounts/dismounts.

Darling and I then watched Mao's Last Dancer, about a peasant Chinese boy who was selected into the Beijing dance academy and later went to America as an exchange student. He then fell in love with an American girl and defected from China, and wasn't allowed to contact his family ever. Great dancing, pretty touching. Yours truly even teared in one of the scenes :P

Then, we had dinner at Santa Fe, Subiaco. It was also happy hour until 7pm - two Margaritas for the price of one.

And thanks to our Entertainment Book, we had one complimentary main meal too. We ordered the Grande Nachos and Cerdo Chimichanga. Both were superb, but JUST TOO MUCH!

Looks like I have some take-away nachos for my next few meals :)


galnexdor said...

my dear brother, never use flash in a lighted room...=)

K3vski said...

Eh don't try to teach me photography :P

I know lah in a dark room, if use flash, the people all look bright, background look dark. Hence, I changed to no flash, but it was too dark.

That's why, in the end of the day, it's still a phone, not a camera. The flash is not good enough. We didn't bring our new camera that day.

Li Choong said...

crazy portion, did you all finish that molehill?

K3vski said...

Nope, hehheh. We finished the Chimichanga dish but 'tar-pau'ed about 3/4 of the nachos. Had soggy nachos for dinner the next day hehheh.