Monday, 2 November 2009


Well, a few things happened over the weekend.

On Saturday, was meant to do an open water swim practice with Eric to prepare him for his first triathlon in two week's time. But the winds were gusty, so it turned out to be a chill at the beach, with friends, KFC and muffins :)

Li-Ann and I bought a new camera that morning too. Fujifilm A170 for A$100 including 2GB memory card, it was on special offer. Thought that it was high time that we got ourselves a decent camera, and not rely on my phone.

On Sunday morning, I was woken up by an SMS from my lil' sis who clocked 3:56:54 (net time) at the Auckland Marathon! Man, she improves 30 minutes at each marathon, and she doesn't train half as hard as I do! Unfair, I tell you!

Motivated by her outstanding performance, I was keen to head out for my brick session. But the winds were howling again, so I opted for shopping instead. My friends got me a sports voucher for my birthday, which I was intending to use for a pair of Asics GT 2140, but they didn't have my size. So maybe next time, the voucher lasts for 12 months anyway.

I did do my brick session that afternoon. It was still windy. So 80km in 2:48:32 (28.5kph average) and 6km run after in 26:04 (average 4:21 per km) wasn't too bad. Then, I had to attend to my furniture for sale, as I'm shifting house end of this month. Got into a bit of confrontation over the phone with the original buyer who paid a deposit, but the second buyer offered me a higher price. It's all sorted now.

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