Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I took a day off yesterday, to get some packing done as we're moving house this weekend.

In the morning, I did a 20km run. First 10km was done in 43:56, at the end of it, I was close to quitting. But I told myself, that I'll just do the distance, no matter how long it takes me to do so. The 2nd km was done in 48:12. Totalling 1:32:08 for the 20km distance, a far cry from my sub 1:28 efforts during my training for the Perth Marathon.

I guess I have to get myself into the Ironman training mentality, where times don't matter as much and just be more concerned in getting the mileage in. Although, when I was finding it going tough yesterday, I thought if I should just focus more on 70.3 or shorter distances and only take on Ironman distances as I get older.

Anyway, I have committed to Langkawi Ironman next year. And I'm sure the demons in my head yesterday were just the adjustment to long, endurance training after been working on my speed for the past couple of months.

I did however, on impulse, went for a 1 hour massage session at Sports Massage in South Perth. I was feeling a bit of tightness in between my shoulders and my gluts have been sore for the past few days. The therapist said she could tell that I don't have massages regularly as my muscles were pretty tight, and she could spend an hour each just working on my upper body and lower body respectively.

The 1 hour session costs me $75, before claiming back any benefits from my private health cover. It was painful but soothing, I fell asleep towards the end. I hope this sets my body up for the massive training in weeks to come.


John said...

Massage is good. I will go for a massage session 2/3 days before a major race. It helps as you feel your body much lighter.

K3vski said...

Yeah, if it isn't so expensive here, I don't mind going for more. Maybe I'll go for a session a few days before Langkawi IM, when I come back home :)

RH said...

Hey Kev, it's interesting tht u pointed out focusing on 70.3 since u r only 25 yo old. I believed by the time u reach the 30s age group(where most of the top triathletes are),u will use the speed from shorter distance to blast your way a ticket to Hawaii!
I think Andy Potts and Terenzo Bozone is currently benefitting from that style

All the best man!

K3vski said...

Thanks Ray. Yeah, it might be something to consider. But at the moment, since I've already committed to Langkawi, I'll still give it my best shot. Then after that, I'll have a think if I want to keep on doing Ironman distances, or just drop down to 70.3 until a few years later. By the way, I'm 26 already hehheh, not that young anymore.

Anonymous said...

wooohooo..sports massage me lyke !!! :) all d best for Ironman !!! will be there to support !! go Kev go !!

K3vski said...

Thanks Julie! Would be looking out for you at Langkawi :)

Matty Wong said...

Hi Kev,

Good training so far.

We have recieved some information regarding the adjustment of dates for IM Langkawi. The Malaysian website did not tally with the M-Dot website.

Alot of panicking S'poreans here man..

K3vski said...

Thanks, Matt. I think it's just a miscommunication. On the Ironman website there are two dates, 31 January 2010 as upcoming event, and February (TBA) on the Ironman event page.

I'm still pretty sure it would remain as 27 February as it has always been.