Monday, 23 November 2009

Hectic dramatic

The weekend was spent moving into the new house in Balcatta. I was glad that my workplace was kind enough to let me use their MASSIVE van, a 10 cubic meter Renault Master. We couldn't have done it without the van. The ute that we hired just wasn't enough.

Nevertheless, it wasn't totally free from drama. As I was dismantling my bed, I foolishly tried removing the screws with the van key as the screw drivers have been moved to the new place.

That caused the keys to be bent and couldn't start the ignition. Panic and frustration ensued. I later found a small screwdriver from the toolbox at the back of the van, but as I was carelessly dismantling the bed, the frame fell and ripped out 5cm of skin from my right shin. Painful? YOU BET!

Anyway, everything's settled now. I managed to get a spare key from my office and Li-Ann's brother made another trip to the new place to get proper screw drivers. Beds were dismantled and delivered to my buyers. All our belongings have been moved to the new place, now just left with a lot of unpacking to do. A lot, is probably an understatement.

Only uneasy feeling is... I missed out on my bike ride this weekend, which I planned to do but got shelved after the key/bed drama. Yes, I'm obsessed that way. But, this morning's 10km run in 42:13 put that to rest though :)

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