Monday, 1 June 2009



80.44km bike ride in 2:46.32 (average 28.98kph). Was clocking nicely above 29kph until the last 15 minutes, must have been those Dalkeith hills!


The weather was forecasted to have showers and thunderstorms, but somehow the skies seemed quite okay - slightly cloudy, but not too dark. Nevertheless, I decided to accompany Li-Ann at the gym that morning, instead of doing my 30km run. Yes, I'm a wuss that way.

And the skies stayed clear for the WHOLE day! Oh well... anyway, we had another pak-tor and Entertainment Book voucher weekend. We ate at Antico Caffe, located in the beatifully landscaped East Perth.

I enjoyed my Involtini Guilietta & Romeo (stuffed chicken breast) but Li-Ann's Involtini Di Maccheroni (enveloped maccheroni) was pretty ordinary.

And then, we went to the city and got Li-Ann a new phone. Nokia E63, $0 on the Three $19 cap for 24 months. Cool eh?


Yes, it was a public holiday - Foundation Day, and only in Western Australia :P

Planned to do a replacement 30km run. Was in excellent form - 1st 10km in 44:05 followed by the next 5km in 22:34, giving the 15km split of 1:06:39. I was on the right track to beat last week's 30km timing!

But it started to rain towards the end of my second 10km lap, and I decided to call it quits. Finished the second 10km in 45:23, giving total 20km time of 1:29:28.

Just after I had my cool down walk home and did my stretches, it stopped raining and the sun came up again! Yes, the weather can be pretty unpredictable here in Perth.

Anyway, I came up with some excuses for not continuing and completing 30km.
1. I didn't want to fall sick by running in the rain.
2. I didn't want to overdo it by running two 30kms during the week (planning to do one more 30km this Sunday).
3. I didn't want to injure myself as I felt some slight poking sensation around my left toes from the 10th km onwards.

I'm not going to dwell too much on this. I'm in much better shape than I was last year anyway.

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