Monday, 8 June 2009

Run, run, run...

It's exactly 4 weeks to the Perth Marathon.

I had a great 10km run on Wednesday morning, fine weather conditions, though it's starting to get dark and cold in the mornings these days. Happy to clock 42:28, it has been AGES since I last went under 42 minutes 30 seconds.

Wasn't counting on repeating the same feat on Friday morning, but I shocked myself by improving on Wednesday's run by one second! 42:27 I am stoked!

On Saturday morning, I did my usual 80km bike ride. Averaged 28.2kph. Somehow with no upcoming triathlons or cycling events, I just could not push myself to clock a fast speed. But I supposed it's good to maintain the cycling legs, even with a below average speed.

I slept in a bit on Sunday. I knew I had to do a 30km run that morning, the last one before I start tapering for the marathon. But I just procrastinated a bit, waited for the sun to come up a bit, so that it won't be so cold. Li-Ann made me breakfast - scrambled eggs with toast and pumpkin mash. A nice change from my usual milk and cereal.

Come 9.15am, I got ready for the run. I decided to try out the Injinji black mini crew toe socks I bought from the Busselton Half Ironman expo. They were a bit high for my liking, my previous pair was the micro style, which fits under the ankles.

Anyway, the socks worked pretty well. There were no chaffing but I think my Asics DS Trainers are a bit too narrow, hence causing the toes to be a bit cramped.

I started the run with a pretty quick pace. First 10km split was 43:26. I then aimed for under 45 minutes for the next 10km, glad to clock 44:37 then. It looks like I was on course for sub 2:15 30km run.

But fatigue started hitting me by the 3rd 10km, I slowed down considerably. With remaining 2km to go, I glanced at my watch and there was still hope! I picked up my pace and finished the 3rd 10km in 46:12, completing the full 30km in 2:14:15 (average 4:28 per km), more than 2 minutes quicker than my 2:16 effort two weeks ago!

I can't be any happier. Now I just have to train smart and recover well for the remaining weeks, and I should be on course for a sub 3:20 marathon.

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