Sunday, 24 May 2009

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again

Yes, it has been pouring cats and dogs since Wednesday night. Although it was a good opportunity for darling and myself to spend some time together for the weekend, as we rarely do so.

Having said that, although my Saturday morning bike ride had to be shelved, we started our morning by sweating out at the gym. Li-Ann smuggled me in as I'm not a member. I made full use of the 1.5 hours there, did some spinning and strength training with weights, which have been pretty neglected since I started doing long distance triathlons.

For brunch, we went to a quaint and cosy coffee shop in Mount Lawley, Globe Coffee House. Also partly because our Entertainment Book vouchers were expiring by June 1st, so we are both desperately trying to eat at as many of this places as possible before then. Yes, we are VERY kiasu!

We were both pretty satisfied with our mains. I had the club sandwich and Li-Ann had the salmon rye.

But the dessert could have been improved though. There weren't many selections, and our orange almond cake didn't quite have that zing.

After a hearty brunch, we planned to take it easy for dinner. But we couldn't refuse an invitation with 1/3 of our SLB friends at Durty Nelly. Eric, Brendan, Jessie and her friend, Sebastian who came to visit Perth. The special of the day was $16 T-bone steak, so we all ordered the same thing!

I had mine plus 1/3 of Li-Ann's steak and 3/4 of her chips. In addition, a full mug of Kilkenny beer and 1/2 mug of hers. You bet I was filled to the brim that night!

Amazingly, that REALLY helped my 30km run the next morning. The strategy was to clock 45 minutes for the first 10km and slow down by a minute for each 10km after. My first 10km was 44:46, 2nd 10km was 45:31 and the 3rd 10km was 46:13, giving total time of 2:16:30 (average 4:33 per km)! That's about a 3 minute PB!

Anyway, I won't put too much pressure on repeating this feat for next Sunday's training, but I'm more confident now to achieve my sub 3:20 target for the Perth Marathon.

Oh, I received this few days ago. We each received a $60 gift voucher as part of our entry to the Busselton Half Ironman.

It feels a bit... erm... sexy. Slightly revealing at the neck and shoulders area. But I like the colour, can't wait to try it out! :)


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kev, how on earth did you train to be able to run 4min33sec per km for 30km???

That's super-fast man!

kev said...

Thanks for your well wishes, Enaikay :)

Hehheh, actually I surprised myself too. But it is achievable. Patience, my friend. Keep up your training, and soon you can do that pace too, if not faster ;)