Sunday, 28 January 2007


Weekends have become a bore. My next CA module doesn't start until a month's time, Li-Ann's not around, I have read 3 quarters of Azizi Ali's "How to become a Property Millionaire" (I intend to survive mainly on passive rental income or maybe with a job like gym instructor or swim coach so that I can spend most of the time training. Hey, we all can dream right?).

Anyway, apart from the 4 hour gym session this morning, and an hour of recovery ZZzzzz after lunch, I have nothing else to do.

Started blog surfing (or stalking, if you like) and have come across some interesting posts by fellow (till date, I don't think I have achieved my target of getting readers who share my interest. My marketing consultant a.k.a. lil' sis was supposed to help me promote, but no news since. I'm not a whiner anyway hehheh. She does have a lot going on... take home exams, busy social life dillemas :P) triathletes and runners.

Came across an idea for a new post. My feet.

They aren't exactly the best things for running as they're flat (and I mean REALLY flat). I have full footprints (and I mean REALLY whole). Ideal for swimmers, but near suicidal for runners. Flat feet runners, or pronators are 67% more prone to injuries (I just made that statistic up, but have you got evidence to prove otherwise?).

My annual running injuries, be it knee pains, shin pains, heel pains etc. could be due to this fact alone. Podiatrists and shoe consultants recommend certain shoes to absorb the impact that are more prevalent for people like me. These shoes however, not only costs more but are 1.5 times heavier than the average running shoes... not exactly your optimal race gear. Also, in my case specifically, since my feet are SO flat, I'm strongly recommended to wear orthotics. There you go, more money to lose, more weight to add.

Two running shoes ago, I wore a pair of Brooks Beast... the heavy monsters, weighed at 900 grams in total! I still suffered a foot injury that year. Recommended for my type of feet, MY FOOT! (no pun intended)

Last year, my runners were Mizuno Wave Mustang 3. Not the type of shoes the experts would recommend for my deformity but it looked good, and there was a sale on, 50% discount! It was different as the inner sole had an arch compared to the Brooks which were totally flat. Now, the irony is, according to experts, for pronators, their shoes should have an artificial arch for that extra support (sounds like I'm promoting some sports bra... *cheeky laugh*).

Anyway, the result... no injuries caused by normal running... apart from a trip off the ground that caused a swollen ankle, but that's one-off. Maybe it's the shoes... but it could be because I'm only running 3 times a week with the Mizuno compared to the 5 times a week with the Brooks.

My current babies, Mizuno Wave Mustang 4. Yeah, decided to stick with what I know worked. And it was 50% off too! My sis says they look like Bata Power shoes.
Already looking forward to getting my next pair. My shoes life cycle is approximately one year.
My Mizuno Wave Mustang 3 after one year. Running shoes for last year... now demoted to social shoe and gym usage.My Nike Presto after 2 years. Bought them for quick transition but ended up using them for social use. Notice they all wear out around the same areas (outer front).

Saw a review for a pair of Asics shoes specially for triathletes. They were at 60% off! Although they are just downright ugly. Click on the link, and you'll know what I mean.
Apparently, 60% of the triathletes in Australia use Asics. Wonder if I should follow the herd or stick to Mizuno that has served me well.

City of Perth OD Tri in 7 days...


galnexdor said...

can still try other brands wat if u like...try try lor...:)

promotion done di...:)

-kev- said...

Not if the try-try means injuries that go on for months.

Thanks for the promo, really appreciate it.

blacktoes said...

the pictures r a bit dark....wat camera r using?

-kev- said...

Was using camera phone. Only have auto flash. Yeah, should have turned on the lights when taking the pictures. But after loading them up, lazy to change already.

Anonymous said...

Hey pal,

Finally had the time to visit your blog, nice posts.. keep it up! Maybe i'll get your help before buying shoes next time! hehe.. cheers!


-kev- said...

Thanks mate for your comment. Really appreciate it. Hahah, I'm no shoe expert lah. Also still have to try-try with my shoes now. Probably best advice is get the one that takes you breath away. Like choosing girlfriend haha.