Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Gingko pills, anyone?

Aiyak, I have forgotten about my girlfriend's and my 7th month anniversary, the day was yesterday. Yeah, I know to long maintaining couples out there, this may seem trivial. What's another month and you have been together for several years? But Li-Ann and I don't celebrate every month on a big scale either. We just wish each other, if you call that celebrating at all. Anyway here's to wishing my beloved Li-Ann happy 7 months anniversary (although technically "anniversary" means an annual event, but who wants to be technical when it comes to this sort of things). These 7 months have been sweetest months of my life... and I'll keep the mushyness of these blog, hehheh.

Back to my memory lapse... I have reminded myself about this from days following up to THE day, but right on the day itself, I forget. I'm not to brag, but I'm for one who was able to remember most things without having to keep a personal diary. Maybe working in the office has gotten into me, beginning to become too dependant on Microsoft Outlook reminders, like how our spelling gets stuff up by relying on spellcheck. Anyway, darling also forgot. So, I didn't have to take a guilt trip. Or maybe she just pretended to forget, so that I won't feel bad. Whatever, the case, I'm so lucky to have her!

Li-Ann said that putting up more pictures on my blog would attract more readers. So here are some, in chronological order (hey, it has been 7 months of bliss right? So why not celebrate?)

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