Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Run happy

Did another sub 4:18 average for my 8.5k run this morning. Pretty happy, but somehow the memory of my 4:11 PB still keeps haunting me, questioning when I'll ever be able to do it again... or whether I'll ever be able to do it AT ALL. I clocked that PB when I was training for City To Surf run, this run has eluded me every year due to injuries most likely caused by over-running. But last year, everything was going so well, I was in good form, I ran in moderation... BUT on the Wednesday morning run before the Sunday race day, I tripped a step and sprained my ankle. Couldn't walk for days.

That's a sad thing about injuries. Not only they floor you physically but mentally as well. I laid off running two years ago due to foot pains and put on 12 kgs as I never got back into running. "Haiya, what's the use of running? Run so slow now compared to last time. Sure won't get back form wan!" are evil thoughts. Good thing I had high motivation and support last year to keep me going through the recovery until now. Started with 4:45 averages and now back to sub 4:20s.

City of Perth OD Tri in 11 days... BRING IT ON!


blacktoes said...

one suggestion, post your past results, it will be good to see how you progress, keep up the good work

galnexdor said...

wow, got anonymous commenter di...not bad not bad...:)

haiya dont be paranoid la...just take it easy...runnning ni ma...its just one step in front of the other...

maybe, JUST MAYBE, u should stop timing ureself like 2 weeks before the race...just to "keep matters of ure make it purely running"

-kev- said...

Hahhah, blacktoes sounds like dad. But obviously not la, dad doesn't have a blogger account. Or does he? Oh I just realised my blog doesn't allow anonymous comments, better change that.

Nolah, have to time lah, and I enjoy timing myself! It is with a target than only I don't feel I'm running aimlessly. Nearer to race day, I target slower time lah. Windy days I target slower time lah.

-kev- said...

blacktoes, thanks for the suggestion. I'm still trying to get my head around using the blog templates. Once I become an expert there would be many results to come.