Monday, 22 January 2007


After having visited several blogs during my free time, namely, sister's, girlfriend's, close friends', not-so-close friends', I have been greatly influenced to start one of my own. Also because I was bored lah. Hopefully this stays and I would be able to commit to this.

Anyway, story of my life, a senior accountant working in KPMG Perth for the 3rd year running. Nope, I don't have a permanent establishment here in Perth. But certain crossroads in my life have brought me here ... and I can't say that I can complain at all.

Life has been good to me, most if not all have been falling into place. This may sound show-off or anti-religious to some, but I believe that a person's outcome in life is mostly affected by his/her attitude. I mean, put it this way, when you generally have a good outlook on things, most things won't bother you, and you would generally have good life all the way, ala my blog title. BUT don't get me wrong, I am thankful to God for life so far. I attribute all the good things that have happened to me to him. Confused? Let me put this in a different analogy, if your friend bakes you a cake, which isn't too bad but not too great either, and you criticize him/her like mad... you can say goodbye to cakes! But if you kept an open mind, thought how nice your friend was, there would be more cakes to come, and with more practice, the cakes would taste better in time to come. Okay, enough nonsense already. Otherwise this new blog of mine would remain unvisited.

My interests (and obsession)... triathlon. Which was another reason why I decided to start this blog anyway. After reading numerous race reports from sis, sis's friends, sis's acquantances, sis's stalkers :P I kind of feel left out, not having to share my side of the story too. Former school swimmer in my teens (not good enough to get pass state level :P) , took up running as endurance came naturally with the arduous swimming training. Still suck at the bike though, but slowly improving. My weekly routine consist of Monday, Wednesday, Friday =8.5k run; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday =swim session with UWA squad, averaging 3.5k per session; and Sunday =4 hours in the gym, comprising of weight classes and bike spinning. Yeah, some triathlete I am... I can't even get myself out in the windy weather of Perth riding on a REAL bike.

Here's the most yeng picture I can find. Sorry, it is a bit small (I'm shy). Originally plan to load it onto my profile, but after several failed attempts and having deleted my blog numerous times (I thought I had to delete my blog to reset my profile. IT whiz, I'm not!), the only place I could put it up is here. Yup, feedback from experienced bloggers most welcomed!

So here's to a new year, new blog and hopefully it would be around for quite some time. Did I mention I have difficulties committing to anything long term (apart from my wonderful relationship with my girlfriend. Hehheh, don't worry, hon)? That's why I don't play computer games that involves strategy. Only like those fight-fight ones that give you cheap thrills. Then again, can't remember the last time I played a computer game.

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