Saturday, 27 January 2007

Oz, Oz, Oz... Oi, Oi, Oi!

For those of you wondering what the above is about... it is the chant Australians yell when they feel patriotic... be it at a cricket game... or after a few cans of Victoria Bitter (local beer).

Anyway, yeah... yesterday was Australia Day (I think it is the day that Australia got its independence). And we heard the chant numerous times, from drunk blokes, high teenage girls etc.

This is my second Australia Day. The previous few years, I was still studying and never got to celebrate because I was on summer holidays then (working already = no more long holidays :( ). This year there are quite a few of my friends from uni have started working already, so they're in the same boat as I am.

I offered to have a "pre-Australia Day fireworks" house party at my place. A party at my place seems long overdue for as I have known these people for years and they have never seen my place before(due to the a certain ex-housemate that made my house unaccomodating. It's a lot better now with the new housemate :) ).

Anyway, yours truly had not cooked for the last 2 years, so having a pot luck house party for 8 was kind of stressful (and for those who know me well, stress was never in my vocabulary). Here's my attempt of fried rice (turned out soggy) and tuna croissants (turned out a bit too crispy... could fall apart any minute).

Sure looks nice on picture eh? But we had lots of fun. So I guess the party was a success. Again, I didn't take any pictures of the other food my friends brought (lamb, potato salad, kong poh chicken, ice cream) and any pictures of us for that matter. Yeah, not a fan of the camera.

We adjourned to Matilda Bay after dinner (I live by the river bay, cool huh) for fireworks display at 9pm. There were lots of other Australians just sitting around, drunk blokes, screeching teenage girls, family and old people... with their fold-open chairs. Fireworks lasted about 30 minutes. This time, I DID try taking a video of the display but it wasn't clear, so stuff that. After the display, everyone (being the Australians) went home. So different from the way we celebrate Merdeka back home where they'll be concerts and 1 hour traffic jam travel back after that. That's why, we being Malaysians (and one Singaporean) still needed some nightlife after that, and headed to Northbridge near the city for some desperately needed ice kacang. Hot day yesterday, 41 degrees!

So that's my Australia Day for this year. A lot better than last year, I would say... when I spent it watching Smallville in my room.

I'm hungry... somehow eating heaps the night before, makes me more hungry in the morning. Need sleep too, still had my morning swim session at 5.45am after a big night yesterday.

City of Perth OD Tri in 8 days...

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