Monday, 30 June 2014

Week 13 of 26

So I've reached the half way mark of this training build. It doesn't get easier after this though.

Monday started with a fairly easy swim set. 4 x 50m, 5 x 200m, 6 x 50m, 5 x 200m pull buoy, 8 x 50m. Easy because it was shorter than usual at 3.4km including the warm up and cool down. But the intensity sure wasn't easy! I swam again on Tuesday afternoon as it was forecasted to rain for the remainder of the week. A longer session this time with 1500m swim (24:10), 1500m pull buoy (27:05) and 800m swim (13:10). It was annoying as we had to swap sides partway through because the pool was being used for children swimming lessons.

Wednesday was Splash N Dash. There were less people who came that day. I did a warm up swim, the course seem to be back like last year - 1600m for the 2 loops. When we started, I got dropped by the draft pack pretty quickly and swam to my own pace but still keeping the pack within sight. When I got out of transition, there was only Cynthia who was in front. Managed to overtake after 1km in and I turned on cruise control but still kept up the pace as the fast runners were quickly catching on. Total time was 47:44 - swim 26:13 and 21:33 for the 5km run.

Thursday afternoon I did a 90km ride to Lakeside and back. It was pretty windy but thankfully it was a tailwind on the way back. Friday afternoon, as it was (sort of) the long weekend, our office closed early and I was able to start my run  in Springbank 2 hours earlier than usual. But that also meant the sun was directly above me when I ran. I managed a good pace of 4:25 per km for the first 50 minutes but after that I struggled and was about 10 seconds per km slower for the remaining 30 minutes. Still, it averaged out just under 4:30 per km being just under 18km.

Saturday was the long ride. My first 5 hour ride this year. I rode solo as most of my training partners were in Niagara for Coach Sheri's training camp. Canada Day falls on Tuesday this year and I wasn't able to take Monday off. It was a pretty warm day. The sweat was dripping from underneath my helmet and my arm pads got pretty slippery. I rode to down to Southwold and up, continued east towards Thorndale and back. Managed 150km on the dot with just over 30kph average. I originally planned to do a short brick run even though it wasn't on the program but decided against it. Yes, I'm soft I know, and in the back of my mind, I'm reminding myself how my fellow Ironman-in-training friends and toughing it out in the crazy heat and humidity back in Malaysia.

Sunday was a long run of 2 hours 15 minutes. I started in the morning as it was forecasted to rain in the afternoon. But my legs felt pretty empty and the humidity didn't help. I was jogging at a pedestrian 5 minute per km pace and I decided to stop after 80 minutes (16.6km) as it wasn't going to be a quality workout anyway. But I was going to make up for the remaining hour in the afternoon. I napped lots and felt good when I started my second run just before 5pm. It started raining about 5 minutes in and it didn't stop. But it was fun though and I wrapped another 13km. And guess what? The rain stopped after I finished!

Not the best confidence booster for next Sunday's Peterborough half iron race but I've learnt to let below par sessions pass and move on to the next. And look at the positives, I did have some good rides this week.

Week 13 of 26 statistics

Swim - 10.7km (3 hours 7 minutes)
Bike - 240.4km (7 hours 50 minutes)
Run - 52.6km (4 hours 2 minutes)

Total - 303.7km (14 hours 59 minutes)

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