Monday, 23 June 2014

Week 12 of 26

With the Guelph Lake Olympic distance triathlon on Saturday, I approached this week with a bit of conservatism - not going too hard in my sessions, but hard enough in the intervals so that I have some muscle memory to go hard in the race.

The week started with a 90km bike ride to Lakeside on Monday evening. I usually don't have such a big workout on Monday, especially after the weekend's big load. But Li-Ann comes back from her overseas trip on Tuesday, so I wanted to get this out of the way. I installed my carbon race wheels to test them out. My legs were pretty empty and it didn't help that I had to stop every 20 minutes to re-adjust the rear wheel as the brakes were rubbing against it. I was pleasantly surprised though, that many passers-by were asking if I needed any help. Once I got home, I widened the brake gap and it seemed to work fine after that.

Tuesday evening was a 3.6km swim with main sets of 10 x 100m followed by 500m with pull buoy and paddles, repeated once more. After the first set of pull buoy/paddles swim, my catch all felt funny and I struggled a bit on the second set of 10 x 100m. After I finished my swim, I got home at the exact same time the taxi dropped Li-Ann off. Just nice!

Wednesday was Splash N Dash day. I did a warm up swim of about 15 minutes or so. The skies were dark as we started and it rained once we got to the second lap of the swim. I had a pretty poor swim and dropped off by the pack. Coach Sheri called for the swim to be cut short and I was re-directed by the lifeguards a few metres before the final buoy. Once I got to the shore, I wasn't sure if we were still running, so I was taking my own sweet time in transition. We still ran and it continued to rain throughout. I kept the pace fairly relaxed. I was too far behind those in front, so I didn't bother giving chase. Plus, I wanted to save my legs for Saturday's race. The run was cut short too as Sheri didn't set up her finish line on top of the hill under the rain. Total time was 49:34 - swim (a bit shorter at about 1650m) was 28:56 and 20:38 for the 4.8km run.

Thursday morning, I woke up for an hour's run. It was very humid. I had 3 sets of 6 minutes fast/4 minutes easy and 2 sets of 8 minutes fast/2 minutes easy. In the evening, I rode for 75km to Thorndale and back through Vanneck and return. The rear wheel alignment was fine this time. I did some practice mounts/dismounts after the ride just to make sure I don't fall on Saturday's race hahaha.

Friday was a total rest day. Saturday was the race. I'm glad I scored a personal best by 53 seconds, despite my legs feeling pretty ordinary throughout the race. I was 4th in my age group but prizes were only up to 3rd place. Race report to come soon.

Sunday I didn't have anything on the program either, a rare occasion! So I did an hour's session in the gym - my usual set of 30 repetitions on each station, alternating arms, legs and core. No matter how often I go to the gym, it always leaves me feeling sore after.

Week 12 of 26 statistics

Swim - 7.7km (2 hours 13 minutes)
Bike - 206.3km (6 hours 36 minutes)
Run - 28.3km (2 hours 3 minutes)
Gym - 1 hour

Total - 242.3km (11 hours 52 minutes)

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