Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Race and recover right with the Compressport R2

I have mentioned earlier on Facebook and Twitter, but not on this blog, that I have just been selected to be part of the Compressport Malaysia team. They are my first official sponsors and I am truly humbled yet honoured to be given this opportunity. I'm nowhere near an elite athlete but I have been in this sport for quite a while and it's really rewarding to have something like this come by.

The first product that I used was the Calf Sleeves R2. R2 stands for Race & Recovery, meaning you can use them to race as well as to recover post race.
Picture taken from Compressport website
The R2 comes with technologies such as shock absorber and antifatigue, which absorbs the shock wave effect on muscles, veins and joints when you are pounding on the ground. Less vibrations means delayed muscle fatigue and hence, enhancing your race day performance. The aeroknitting and ultralight technologies also allow air to circulate freely and for quick drying - perfect for triathlons!

Inside out and outside in shown
It comes in a variety of colours and the pair that I had was bright yellow - so you can spot me from far in a race hahaha. One thing I especially like about these calf sleeves are the minimal stitching inside and thus, minimizing any chances of abrasion during a workout. Compared to another brand of calf sleeves that I used previously, the indentation from the stitching on my calves took a while to go away after wearing them for a short while. For the R2, the stitching at the top and bottom bands are very subtle as can be seen in the picture below.
Not much to be seen here
Like most Compressport products, the sizing for the calf sleeves are unisex, ranging from T1 to T4. So if you are like me - male and normally on the smaller end of the sizing scale, don't be surprised if you are now in the middle range of sizing for these. Mine are T2 in size. As these are meant to be tight, it can be a bit of a challenge putting them on. One trick is to roll them up at the bottom of your feet and gently slide them up your calves. If you are planning to wear them during a race in transition, practise a couple of times and it would soon be second nature. Do note also, as the calf sleeves are anatomically specific, the logos are meant to be worn on the sides.
Just like how you were taught to put on your socks when you were a kid

NOT the way the wear them. Logos are meant to be at the sides
Prior to this, I've not worn calf sleeves while racing. I took part in the Guelph Lake Olympic distance triathlon two weekends ago and I broke my number 1 rule of not trying anything new on race day. But the R2 were very comfortable and in fact, they helped prevented fatigue and cramps on a pretty challenging race course. Also, as it was a wetsuit legal swim race, the calf sleeves made it easier to put the wetsuit on.
Scoring a new PB over the Olympic distance too!
One thing to note for triathletes though, if your calves are getting number marked, let the ink dry a bit first before rolling the calf sleeves back on. I learnt it the hard way and these stains are still there! I would also recommend either hand washing the sleeves or if machine washed, placing them in a separate mesh bag to prolong their durability.
Hope they go away after a few washes
I also kept the calf sleeves on for the 2 hour drive home after the race and my legs felt great after. No delayed muscle soreness whatsoever. Overall, a great product and I'll be using them again in my half iron triathlon race this weekend. Thank you, Compressport Malaysia!

The Compressport Calf Sleeves R2 currently retails at Rm199 and is available at Athletes Circle Malaysia and Running Lab Malaysia.


CheapRunnerMike said...

I've seen these sleeves in the magazines and at races before, also noticed you wearing them at Guelph. I usually wear CEP calf sleeves but these may be worth a try as well. Did you find them breathable or did they seem warm on the legs?

Kevin Siah said...

I haven't used CEP so I don't have a direct comparison. But these have great ventilation and didn't feel warm at all.