Tuesday, 24 June 2014

2nd wedding anniversary

Today marked the 2nd year anniversary of our wedding. Coincidentally, the day before was the 8th year anniversary of when we officially became a couple. Makes remembering the dates easier, I suppose hahaha.

Being the practical people we are, we don't usually give each other lavish gifts. Li-Ann has a thing for a nuts, so I got these for her. The two packets cost less than C$5.00 in total and in Li-Ann's words, not mine, they gave her more enjoyment than the C$50.00 earrings I got her for her birthday. I should count myself very lucky!

Saturday was officially the first day of summer, when I did the Guelph Lake race. So I had whole day off on Sunday. The weather wasn't as hot as last year so it was nice to be out. Unfortunately, most restaurants in downtown are not open on Sundays. We went to a few that were closed and eventually, ended up in The Runt Club bar, which is connected to Fellini Koolini - a place where we have been to numerous times. In fact, we ate at at Fellini's for last year's wedding anniversary!

We know it's a safe bet and there are still many items on the menu that we haven't tried. And we weren't disappointed. 

We didn't do much actually for the rest of the day. Li-Ann is still recovering from her jetlag, so a quiet one at home was the preferred option. I guess, although we have only been married for 2 years, we have been together a very long time. And sometimes, just enjoying each others company is all that we need. No need for a day filled with action packed activities.

Or maybe, it's just my excuse for being lazy and not having anything planned hahaha.

Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, darling! 

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