Monday, 2 June 2014

Week 9 of 26

I originally had a swim set on Monday but with the big week before, I decided to give myself a full day's rest and push the swim to Tuesday morning. Had some long sets - 400m warm up, 1000m - 200m swim/50m fists (16:30), 400m - 25m scull/75m swim, 400m pull buoy/paddles, 1000m pull buoy (17:30), 300m kickboard. In the evening, I ran at Springbank for an hour. Legs felt a bit sluggish and it was pretty humid.

Li-Ann was going away for 3 weeks. A week in France for a conference and then 2 weeks in Malaysia to visit her family. She left on Wednesday. She's such a wonderful wife and cooked up as much as she could, which lasted for all my meals for the remainder of the week. I did a bike ride on Wednesday evening to Lakeside and back. The winds were gusty but luckily it was a tailwind on the way back.

Thursday I did the same ride. The winds were not as strong but somehow it felt like it was blowing in both directions, hence slowing my ride by a few minutes. Friday morning I swam. A simple main set of 6 x 500m - alternating between swim and with pull buoy. The swims I clocked around 8:45 and the pull buoys around 9:00. In the afternoon, I ran at Springbank for 80 minutes. The main set was 2 x 20 minutes fast/10 minutes steady. I had some good legs and managed to clock 18.4km with an average pace of 4:20 per km.

Saturday was a long ride of 4 hours or so. We had a big group of 6 and met up in the north side of London. Although I already did two rides to Lakeside this week, it seemed to be the most convenient route. But we took a different way - through Eight Mile Road and Plover Mills Road, so it was a nice change. There was a nice tailwind on the way back. Just over 125kms total distance and I did a 30 minute brick run. Legs didn't feel particularly heavy, 6.7km clocked.

Sunday, I was being my usual lazy self in the morning. Watched the movie Frozen - very entertaining but also very typical Disney, hahaha! I started my 2 hour long run at 5pm. It was still pretty sunny and it stayed that way until the end of my run. I felt a bit sluggish to start but with the intervals, I managed to quicken my overall pace. The set was 5 minutes fast/5 minutes steady/10 fast/10 steady/15 fast/15 steady/10 fast/10 steady/5 fast/5 steady. Managed to clock 26.7km with surprisingly another sub 4:30 per km overall average pace. Not sure how long more I can keep this up but will keep on trying! :)

Another pretty big week and next week looks sort of like a recovery week... I'm not complaining! We were meant to have the weekly Splash N' Dash this week but it was pushed back a week to allow the water in Lake Whittaker to warm up. So I'm looking forward to the first Splash next week!

Week 9 of 26 statistics

Swim - 7.0km (2 hours 8 minutes)
Bike - 275.4km (9 hours 12 minutes)
Run - 65.5km (4 hours 50 minutes)

Total - 348km (16 hours 10 minutes)


CheapRunnerMike said...

Another strong training week Kevin...those are some great paces in this humidity, well done!

Kevin Siah said...

Thanks Mike! Let's see how long I can keep it up!

See you at the Splash N Dash!