Friday, 8 March 2013

My Pocket Net

A good friend of mine has started this business in Malaysia and I'm doing a small favour in spreading the word. This service in short, is a portable wifi device that you can rent to connect to your phone or your laptop or your tablet. It is perfect for travellers or tourists visiting Malaysia. We all use the internet these days and most of us, including myself can't live without it. Of course, you can use the roaming service on your smart phone but be prepared to pay a hefty bill later, as quite often our telco providers surprise us with ridiculous charges even for minimal data usage for whatsapp messages etc.

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How it works? With 4 simple steps, you can enjoy convenient internet service during your stay in Malaysia.

Step 1 - Registration. Register with myPocketnet as a new user.

Step 2 - Booking. Choose your rental period, data plan, delivery location (home, hotel, office) and pay online.

Step 3 - Receive and connect. Once you have received the device, turn it on and connect.

Step 4 - Return. Return the device at myPocketnet drop box located at the airport within 24 hours at the end of the rental period.

How simple is that? I especially like the convenience of having the device delivered to you and being able to drop it off at the airport before you leave. Drop boxes are located at Kuala Lumpur International Airport main terminal and KLIA Low Cost Carrier Terminal.

And the service is reasonably priced as well. Here's a comparison of how much it costs against an estimate of international roaming charges from telco providers from the following countries.

myPocketnetUSD 10100MB
Australia USD 1510MB
United StatesUSD 30120MB
United KingdomUSD 810MB

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