Monday, 25 March 2013

Expecting the unexpected

The recently concluded Ironman Asia Pacific Championship over the weekend in Melbourne highlighted how unpredictable race day can be. The conditions were nowhere near what it was last year. Competitors were unpleasantly greeted with horrendous winds of over 40kph. The swim course was first changed then later shortened for the safety of all competitors. Catch a glimpse of how rough the sea was in the following video.


Well done to everyone who persevered on a very tough day. With such conditions, there were many casualties, even quite a few of the Pros pulled out. A DNF however, is something I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

I'm exactly 5 months out from my big Ironman race in Whistler, British Columbia. Though it would be unlikely to be as windy as Melbourne (I hope so!) the bike course of 1285m total elevation with climbing of one category 3, two category 4s and five category 5s will be a challenge I've never done before. Unfortunately there aren't many hills I can train on in the area where I live.

I'm getting into a habit of a regular training routine already, which is good. Not having to work has it's upsides but that will change when I start my new job next week. The past week itself I racked up close to 50kms of running and 12kms of swimming. I just can't wait for it to stop snowing consistently so that I can head out for a ride. Riding indoors within the 4 walls is not much fun.

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