Monday, 4 March 2013


So it has been about 5 days since I've arrived in London, Ontario. The journey here was a long one. I watched 5 movies during the flights here. The infamous high tech Japanese toilets at Narita airport weren't as complicated as I expected them to be. The connecting flight from Chicago to Toronto with American Eagle was interesting. The plane was really tiny and the aisle was really narrow. I felt like I was on a ferry on a tour around the tropical islands of Phuket!

I have more or less recovered from jet lag. Though I find myself feeling sleepy sometimes during the day. The temperature ranges between 0 degrees to -10 degrees, but quite often sits around -5. We spent the first few days setting myself up - adding myself as a signatory to our bank account; getting a phone plan and a new phone as well as they have something unique here where 10% of your monthly bill gets paid to the cost of phone. We have placed a deposit on a car which I hope that we can collect by tomorrow evening. Shops here close by 9pm which is a welcomed change from what we were used to in Perth.

Cheap breakfast at $4.99 each at the diner nearby, Maxwell McCoys. But  we have to remember to add the 13% HST and customary tipping of about 15% on top of that.

My second purchase when I got here. I've ordered it online from the local tri shop Multisport Zone, it was going at a bargain clearance price. My first purchase was a $2.80 breakfast sandwich while waiting for the shop to open.
We just moved downstairs to the basement. Prior to this, Li-Ann was renting the room above us and because now there are two of us, we are only allowed to rent two bed rooms. My bike now has a room all to itself haha. I have not done much training since I got here. I did an hour on the wind trainer yesterday. This morning I met up with local tri coach Sheri Fraser, whom I have been communicating via email prior to this. I missed out on their swim session but I joined a few of her athletes for an hour's run from downtown London into Terry Fox Park and back. Running in the cold with many layers and breathing in heavily the cold air was a new experience.

The view from our main living area in the basement. We have our own kitchen and bathroom and plenty of storage space. 
So I'm still settling in this new place. I have a job interview lined up on Thursday. It's for 18 month contract and it's in the same university as Li-Ann's with the department building being right next to hers. So if I score this one, it'll be just perfect! Wish me luck!


Jeanette said...

Hi! I went to Western for exchange 10 years ago and joined the tri club there. I still know the coach - if you want to be put in contact let me know. I had a blast training there, doing long runs in the snow, and little training camps in Toronto and also with Barry Shepley's crew nearby.

K3vski said...

Hi Jeanette so nice of you to leave a comment on my blog. Yes, I'm still exploring my options at the moment. So if you could pass me the details to kskh (at) hotmail (dot) com, it'll be really good! Thanks muchly!