Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Happy birthday darling!

Mexican dinner at Lo Nuestro, a simple family restaurant. The lady boss was really nice and gave us a free drink. The deep fried nachos were heavenly but a bit too much!
Li-Ann's birthday cake - New York cheesecake I bought  from the nearby supermarket. Thought I could earn extra brownie points by baking myself but decided against it for the sake of both our wellbeing!
Things are settling in nicely. I got offered the job which I interviewed for, starting on April 1. It's for a financial officer position in the department of medicine,Western University. My office building will be right next to Li-Ann's, so convenient!

The weather is still a bit erratic. It can be snowing heavily on one day and nice sunshine the day after. Sometimes both in one day! But I found a good group to train with. The people of London Triathlon Club, mentored by tri guru Sheri Fraser, are warm and welcoming. Can't wait for the weather to be more stable so we can ride outdoors.

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