Sunday, 29 January 2012

This weekend

It was forecasted to be a real scorcher. So much so that my wife asked me to skip the ride in the hills on Saturday or at least have it swapped, in fear of potential bush fire risk. I was disobedient, but I woke up at 4am to have an early start. The heat turned out to be not that bad and there was even a slight drizzle.

Because of the ride, I missed the TV coverage of Ironman WA 2011, it was at 6am. The repeats are all at inconvenient times - Friday 10.30am, Thursday 9am when I'm at work and Sunday 3am! I know that Ironman isn't exactly mainstream sport but some of these times are ridiculous! Good thing Dennis offered to have it taped and to give me a copy. Thanks Dennis!

I did re-watch the coverage of Kona though. I've watched it a couple of times already and still, I get goosebumps watching the finishers crossing the finish line.

Sunday was a really windy day. There were times when I was nearly blown off my bike with the aerobars. The City of Perth tri was on, and it must have been tough for those competing especially with the strong easterly winds on Mounts Bay road. A special mention to Steve and Adele from Team BYL who won their age groups respectively - congratulations! What a power couple!

Four weeks into the year 2012... four weeks into my training program for Challenge Cairns!

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