Sunday, 1 January 2012


Newton 25km run with my dad and sis. I'm glad to have survived the hills and to finish strongly in 21st position overall with a time of 1:53:46 - not my fastest but a great start to get back into full training mode. It was nice to catch up with fellow like minded people in the local running/tri community. A special mention to Chan Jun Shen for a blazing fast time of 1:45, truly a champ in the making.

With the year 2011 just gone and my holidays coming to an end (I'm flying back to Perth tonight), I want to wish everyone a very happy new year! I am very grateful for the support of my loving family, wonderful wife (yes, it hasn't really sunk in yet - that she's now my wife!), friends I can count on, a decent job and good health that allows me to do what I enjoy doing (no prizes for guessing what it is haha)

I don't usually make new year resolutions but each year I aim to strike a balance between devoting time and passion to this sport, and ensuring that I do not allow things which are far more important in my life, dear ones - my friends and family, to take a backseat.

That... I have to admit is an ongoing process.

Here's to 2012!

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