Sunday, 22 January 2012

Enter the Dragon

No, not the Bruce Lee movie... but tomorrow marks the first day of the Chinese New Year... and it would be the year of the Dragon.

I've lost count as to how many times I've spent Chinese New Year away from home. So much so, that I tend to forget how it actually felt celebrating it at home. Li-Ann's gone back home too... but my good friend here in Perth, Eric together with his brother and sister in law did a splendid job organizing an open house today, to usher in the year of the Dragon.

Photo courtesy of Eric. This massive yee sang tasted proportionately good to it's size!

Thanks for the invite, guys! With the big feast, I've been given a taste of home - not just the food and feeling of together-ness, which is what Chinese New Year is all about.

Here's to wishing all my family, friends and their families a very happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the Dragon bring you good health, good luck and prosperity! Kiong hee huat zhai!

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