Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pump it up!

I've been a regular gym go-er during my college and uni days. Even during my teens, I did quite a bit of weight training, perhaps mainly due to vanity and body image consciousness. I actually think I could have been a bit taller now, if I left the weights until I was a bit older.

And then, I started getting into long distance triathlon more than 3 years ago, and I could barely find the time to make my gym membership worthwhile. Still, I devote a once a week 45 minute session to strength training as I realize how important it is to endurance athletes.

Li-Ann has been hassling me to get a set of weights as I have been using my own body weight for my weekly strength training sessions all these while. Maybe because I'm starting to look less macho with all the muscle catabolism from the endurance training hehe, perhaps it is time to bulk up a bit.

After searching for quite a while, we finally found something suitable and reasonably priced - a 20kg Spalding bodypump weight set. I used it for my strength training session on Friday and I have been feeling sore since... in a good way. So I guess it must be pretty effective. Hopefully this will make stronger and faster, as after all, isn't that our ultimate goal?

On another note but still related, Buckeyeoutdoors, my online training journal has been down for nearly a week due to a server crash caused by storm damage. The site administrator promised it would be up by next weekend, but there is no assurance that any data stored before this could be recovered. I've started using Buckeyeoutdoors since my preparations for my first marathon in 2007. Losing all that data will be like losing a significant portion of my memories. Let's hope for the best.


galnexdor said...

time to get an android phone and download runkeeper. =)

K3vski said...

Don't need android phone to do that, I'm sure my Nokia X6 can do the same. Just need to figure out how.