Monday, 25 April 2011

Cervantes - Jurien Bay trip

We were fortunate to have a 5 day weekend, as Easter coincides with Anzac day this year. Usually this is an opportunity for me to log some mega training miles. But seeing that it is off season for me and a long time more before my next major race, a short getaway was a good idea.

We decided to take a trip up north, spending just one night in Cervantes on Easter Saturday. A change from our usual trip down the South West. The journey only took us just over 2 hours, thanks to the newly built Indian Ocean Drive. Our first tourist stop was Lake Thetis, where the stromatolites were. We could have walked the 1.5km loop around the lake, but as it was pretty hot and we needed to get to erm... to the washroom urgently, we didn't stay long.

We checked into Windbreak B&B, a nice cosy bed and breakfast owned by an English couple. Our room had the beautiful view of the garden, and behind it was their vegetable farm and the chooks pen. After getting settled, we visited the Lobster Shack, where they had audio tours of the lobster factory, which took us about 30 minutes.

We then took a stroll along the beaches of Cervantes and stopping at Thirsty Point for some sun bathing. Dinner was at the local Seabreeze Cafe, which was pretty busy with all the Easter visitors. We waited over 45 minutes before we got our pizzas.

The next day, we had a full breakfast of wheatbix, cereal, muesli, yoghurt, toast, eggs and passionfruit muffins - all prepared by the lovely Windbreak proprietors. Upon their recommendation, we went to Hangover Bay for a short dip in the cool water. The beach was really quiet unlike the ones in Perth, but had a bit too much kelp for my liking.

We were given Easter eggs upon our check out, which was pretty cute. We then headed further north for about 25 minutes, arriving at Jurien Bay. It rained quite a bit but only for a while. Once it cleared, we got into our swim gear again, and had a short swim near the Jurien Bay jetty.

Lunch was hamburger, wedges and a very heavy jaffa thickshake at the Jetty Cafe. We then began our journey back to Perth, but not before stopping by the Pinnacles. We both have visited the Pinnacles before during our early years in Perth, but it seemed there was a new discovery centre and for only $11 entry per vehicle, we decided to pay another visit.

And to round up our trip, of course, we had to take pictures of some of the erm... more interesting looking pinnacles hehe.

I have a couple more days before I get back to work. I supposed we could have spent a longer time away, but one night away is enough for us, as we're both pretty busy with our own agenda. Besides, I can't be NOT training for all 5 days right?


Fong said...

nice place.. reward for u guys...btw, kaypoh questions.. li-ann trains?? hehe, u guys eat alot of interesting food, but she still lean.. hehe..

K3vski said...

Hehe no Li-Ann doesn't train. That's what I keep telling her, that she's lean. I eat most of the food also hehe.