Sunday, 8 May 2011

Triple celebration

My two younger siblings' birthdays this month... little brother's yesterday and little sister's this coming Wednesday. Keith is now just one year away from becoming 18, the legal age for drinking hehe. And well, Karen will be turning a quarter century old haha. One so grown up and the other... erm growing old, haha.

Okay, jokes aside, here's to wishing you both very happy birthdays! Looking forward to seeing both of you end of the year.

Today is Mother's Day. I have spent the last 8 years away from mom on this day, where we give thanks for bringing us to this world, and all the lovely things our mothers have done for us throughout our lives.

Happy mother's day, mom! Nothing can repay the love and kindness you have showered me, I love you!

Oh, one more thing deserving a mention. It was the Busselton Ironman 70.3 yesterday, and there were some great performances from Team BYL. Great job, guys!


galnexdor said...

the older i am the older u are!! :D

i feel old today. sick liao. =(

K3vski said...

Haha same, caught a cold over the weekend and skipped my Sunday run. Hoping to get better real soon, take care.