Sunday, 22 May 2011

Some balance

This was taken the previous weekend but I didn't get around posting it up. It was from V Burger Bar in Victoria Park. The burgers were really fresh and you could see the kitchen staff tenderizing the meat patties in front of you. Worth a try!

We had friends over for the weekend, two couples. An episode on How I Met Your Mother depicted that couples need couple friends. It was nice having them around, as we rarely have guests over. The bulk of our conversation mainly consists of us poking fun at our own partners, highlighting their eccentricities.

Today, after my 80km ride, we went to watch Li-Ann's friend perform. Her band, OWLS was the opening act for WA Music Industry Festival in Northbridge. Their band was only put together for a few months, they performed all original songs, impressive stuff.

It's nice to have something else other than swim, bike or run during the weekend. Good to have some balance, something which many triathletes, including myself struggle to do most of the time. But I'll try to get better.

Buckeyeoutdoors, my online training log is finally up. But I had to create a new account, which means all my previous data since mid 2007 are all gone! Well, nothing I can do about it, except to start fresh. Also, I'm having troubles getting the training log html scripts onto my blog sidebar. Anyone else having this problem or have solved this problem, care to share?

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