Monday, 16 May 2011

Training updates

It seemed quite a while since I last posted anything on my training. I came down with a cold the previous weekend but I'm glad I recovered pretty quickly. I'm fine and healthy now. All but one of the last 5 runs I did were under 55 minutes for my 13km route, averaging 4:10 - 4:14 per km. Getting pretty close to where I was mid last year, when I was in my peak of running fitness.

Yesterday, I did my first ride on the Freeway South past Mount Henry bridge. So many years of cycling in Perth, but I have always stuck to the same route. Sam Goh was my training company for the ride, it was nice riding with someone for a change. We rode on the path until somewhere past Baldivis and back. We did 110km in total, it was cruisy on the way out, but the 20kph headwinds on the return trip were pretty challenging. Still, we averaged just over 30kph, a solid ride nonetheless.

I'm near finishing my multi passes for the swim squad at UWA and considering doing my own swims at the pools nearer to home, like Balga Leisurepark or Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre. Swimming on my own also gives me more flexibility and I wouldn't have to wait for my sessions to start at 7pm as I did previously. However, the camaraderie of squad members will be missed.

The recent news of the cancellation of Ironman China brought a lot of angst and frustration for those who were meant to be racing it in 2 weeks' time. But, at the same time the additional 25 Kona spots allocated to Ironman Korea created a bit of excitement to those dreaming of qualifying for the world championships, including myself. But after having the weekend to think clearly, I decided against jumping on the bandwagon of signing up. 6 weeks is not enough to prepare for an Ironman and even then, I'm not up to the mark to challenge for the qualifying spots.

I'll just continue with my training and stick to my plan to prepare for Ironman Western Australia at the end of the year.

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